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The G-Shock Camo Series Will Make You Feel The Call Of Fashion Duty


Be a master of disguise with the new Casio G-Shock Camo series, featuring two camouflage-patterned watch styles — the  GA100CM and GDX6900TC.

The GA100CM features a woodland camouflage pattern on the band, case and, perhaps most notably, on the dial itself. This little soldier is also ready for battle thanks to its shock resistant design, anti-magnetic structure, 200M water resistance, and 10-year battery life. It’s available in a standard tan color with pops of olive and forest green, a modern gray shade featuring varying intensities of this shade, and a bold red hue with deep crimson and burgundy touches.

The GDX6900TC model, meanwhile, features an all-over tiger camo design, again incorporating the band, case, and dial, and it boasts a slightly larger case than the aforementioned watch style (53.9mm as opposed to the GA100CM’s 51.2mm case). It also features a metal button along the front, directly below the dial, for a bit more pop. This model is available in either a brown or gray all-over tiger camo print.

Though subtle differences exist between the two models, both are the result of a new multi-angle printing technology that makes it a possibility to apply their distinctive camouflage patterns to each section of the watch. As for the differences in their camouflage prints, tigerstripe camo is typically associated with combat in jungle-like regions (in fact, the original iteration was developed by the South Vietnamese Armed Forces during the Vietnam War), and it features kinetic stripes that interlock rather than overlapping. In contrast, woodland camo prints feature enlarged, overlapping, irregular splotches, traditionally incorporating green, sand, brown, and black. From 1981 until around 2006, woodland camo uniforms were issued to personnel in almost all branches of the military — from the US Army to the Marine Corps — and nowadays are primarily worn only by Navy SEALS. Within the context of urban fashion, these camo patterns have come to represent the perseverant spirit and fight-against-all-odds attitude required for survival in the concrete jungle. And, well, they’re just downright cool.

Both the G-Shock GA100CM and GDX6900TC retail for $150. Visit GShock.com for retailers!


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