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The Nut Job — L’Occitane Expands Its Almond Collection With New Almond Velvet Body Serum and Almond Velvet Balm



Tap, tap, tap. Thump, thump, thump. Bang, bang, bang.

Those are the noises that awoke my husband on Tuesday morning as I attempted to pump, pour, and scoop out — and later, amidst my increasing desperation, smack out —the last drops of L’Occitane’s Almond Velvet Body Serum out of its sleek bottle. I had just towel-dried my body after showering and wanted to smooth the silky serum over my skin to leave it nourished, radiant, supple, and velvety smooth. In the weeks prior, I’d become enamored with the serum thanks to everything from its lightweight consistency and non-sticky feel to the speed with which it was absorbed by my skin, its powdery soft aroma, and its hydrating powers.

I was in complete denial about the scarce amount of serum left inside the bottle, and I couldn’t fathom reaching for another moisturizer to apply in its stead, so that, after pressing down repeatedly on the pump dispenser with the eagerness of a Press Your Luck contestant, I removed the cap and began tapping (and then spanking) the bottom of the bottle in hopes that some of the product would land on the palm of my hand. Sadly, my tactics proved unsuccessful (when a bottle is empty, it’s just empty!), but I did realize at that moment just how much I loved the product — which is, of course, the point of my long-winded anecdote (and of being an inconsiderate spouse who awakens her sleepy husband with a beauty-related racket before his alarm goes off!).

One of two new additions to L’Occitane’s best-selling Almond body care range, the L’Occitane Almond Velvet Body Serum ($52 at USA.LOccitane.com) is formulated with sweet almond oil, sweet almond seed extract, sweet almond bud extract, and sweet almond leaf cell extract, along with sunflower seed oil and glycerin. Inspired by facial skincare serums, this body serum instantly moisturizes and refines the skin while enveloping it in the demure and romantic scent of blossoming almond trees. In addition to making skin silken and caressable, the vitamin C-rich serum works to diminish the appearance of sun spots over time, helping you achieve a more even skin tone from head to toe.

As with a facial skin serum, the L’Occitane Almond Velvet Body Serum should be applied to clean skin before smoothing on your favorite moisturizer, thereby ensuring that skin reaches its optimal hydration level and that its protective barrier is strengthened, thereby locking in that moisture. The serum works beautifully when combined with the L’Occitane Almond Milk Veil but, when you need a hefty hydration boost, you can apply it underneath the newly launched Almond Velvet Youthful Body Balm ($65 at USA.LOccitane.com).

As the “balm” word in its name suggests, this moisturizer is incredibly rich but it somehow manages not to feel as heavy as traditional body butters. Formulated with  shea butter, glycerin, sweet almond oil, sweet almond leaf cell extract, sunflower seed oil, sweet almond seed extract, and Rosa Centifolia bud extract, the balm melts rapidly when in direct constant with the skin, penetrating the upper layers of the dermis to provide instant relief and hydration. Over time, the balm helps to achieve a more even skin tone, boost elasticity, diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and heighten radiance. 

What’s remarkable about this body balm, then, is how it effectively melts atop the skin without leaving behind a greasy residue or making the skin feel stifled as if coated in Crisco (an unfortunate effect of other heavy creams). The L’Occitane Almond Velvet Youthful Body Balm ($65 at USA.LOccitane.com), then, is rich without being dense — an extraordinary feat.

Both of these stellar products, then, are valuable additions to the brand’s Amande collection, which includes products formulated with almonds purchased from producers in the South of France. Why the fascination with almonds? Well, according to folklore, the almond tree is reborn every spring, when its cells trigger the renewal of its buds, its flowers blossoming before its leaves. Harnessing the almond tree’s resurrection-like capabilities by using all of its parts (leaves, buds, seeds, and bark), then, L’Occitane has dedicated itself to creating products that will give our skin new life. Time for your skin’s second act!



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