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A Proud Show Of Hands Awaits With The Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex And Extreme Hydration Concentrate



One of my biggest gripes pertains to my not-so-lovely, often-scaly lady fingers — see, I have chronically dry hands. Okay, fine, that’s not an official diagnosis from a certified dermatologist but I will say that, in 30+ years of life, I can count in one hand (pun intended) the times I looked down the length of my fingers and saw nothing but smooth skin devoid of hangnails, cuts, cracks, peeling cuticles, or dry and ashy patches. My woes have only worsened over the last 10 years since motherhood involves constant cleaning (mopping, dusting, wiping up spills, washing dishes, and so forth), and both the water and detergent involved in these household duties tend to exacerbate any problems relating to dehydrated skin. Granted: I could wear latex gloves when cleaning but, sadly, as my wrists (and arms) are tiny, water always seems to find itself into the inside of the gloves, rendering them worthless. Qué problema!

I’ve had the pleasure of trying quite a few hand creams over the years, but few have actually delivered significant, mind-blowing, results. Clinique’s Deep Comfort Hand Cream has long been at the top of my list, along with the L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream, and the Hand Perfection Rejuvenating Night Cream (which was developed by a hand model!). Now, I have a new one to add to my list of favorites, and it might just topple the competition and earn the top spot in my heart. After testing it out for two solid weeks, it was evident why the Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex ($18.99 at Target stores, Target.com, and HandChemistry.com) emerged at the top-selling hand cream in Boots UK from October 2013 through October 2014 and why, now that it’s available in Target stores throughout the US, it will likely be as well received on this side of the Atlantic.

Unlike shea butter-based creams which hydrate and soften the skin but tend to feel a bit heavy upon application, the Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex has an extremely lightweight consistency, requiring a minimal amount of massaging and rubbing to be absorbed by the skin (already a plus if, like me, you’re always moving!). Now, the cream is excellent for those who, like me, suffer from parched mitts  but it’s also recommended for those who are worried about aging signs cropping up on their hands  — from winkles to saggy skin and age spots.

What’s extraordinary about this cream is the unique mixture of ingredients within its 19.5 % active complex concentration. One percent of the active complex is comprised of a biological GHX complex containing copper lysinate. This is an organic complex of copper, which is pivotal to the formation of collagen, which also contains the amino acid lysine, which in turn helps to improve the absorption of copper and has its own benefits in terms of maintaining the structural integrity of connective tissues. Five percent of the complex, meanwhile, contains a pseudoalteromonas ferment extract. Also known as antarcticine, this is a genus of marine bacteria usually found in Antarctica, and it containts three amino acid residues: glycine, histidine, and lysine. These, in turn, help the skin attract and retain moisture, and they also trigger collagen and elastin production, yielding smoother, softer, more hydrated hands. The next curious ingredient in the formula is plantago lanceolata, also known as narrowleaf plantain or buckhorn plantain (it accounts for 2% of the active complex). This perennial herb contains polysaccharides, lipids, and flavonoids that accelerate wound healing, improve firmness and elasticity, and even brighten the skin. Other ingredients (each accounting for 2% of the aforementioned Active Complex) include: sacha inchi nut oil, which is extracted by pressing the seeds and flesh of the fruit of the plukenetia volubilis tree indigenous to the Amazon River area, and which had an extraordinarily high concentration of alpha-linoleic acid, an omega-3 fatty acid that boosts skin hydration and enhances softness; and tremella fuciformis extract, which is derived from a species of fungus commonly known as snow fungus, silver ear fungus, or white jelly mushroom which has ben shown to increase moisture retention and prevent the degradation of micro-vessels in the skin, thereby reducing the appearance of protruding veins, as well as wrinkles. Last nut not least, there’s a 7.5% concentration of maize propadeniol, which is 100% naturally derived through the fermentation of corn sugar and which enhances hydration while also helping to give the cream its consistency, binding all the other ingredients together.

Overwhelmed by the unfamiliar ingredients? Well, don’t be! It simply shows Hand Chemistry’s insistence on searching for new and natural ingredients that effectively address common beauty woes (sacha inchi oil, for one, is the main ingredient in the John Frieda Full Repair haircare line) while plantago lanceolata is only now piquing the curiosity of cosmeceutical companies after a number of medical tests have confirmed its efficacy as an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, toner, and healing agent.

Best of all, this lotion delivers on its promise, within one week of use, your hands will feel and look smoother, your skin will appear denser and more taut, and any cracked cuticles, burns, or cuts will be significantly less visible (and, as a clumsy little lady, I tend to have quite a few nicks on my hands on a regular basis, so I’ve certainly seen the results first-hand!).

Now, if like me, your hands are in dire straits, then you can add another Hand Chemistry product to your routine to give your hands more of a clean slate. Ideally, you’ll want to use this product consistently for 10 days (once in the morning and once in the evening), then lower the frequency of use to an “as-needed” basis. The product I’m referencing is the Hand Chemistry Extreme Hydration Complex ($20 at HandChemistry.com), shown second from top, which is an ultra-concentrated, serum-like treatment (it even has a clear coloring!).

As with the Intense Youth Complex, this treatment incorporates a pseudoalteromonas complex and a tremella fuciformis extract, as well as maize propanediol. But, unlike the aforementioned product, this treatment includes a hydroxyethyl acryalte and sodium acryloyldimethyl taurate copolymer that creates a protective shield around the skin, functioning as an invisible glove that locks in hydration and protects the skin from extreme heat and cold.

When using this product, I’ve literally noticed a difference overnight! I’ve gone to sleep with painfully dry skin woken up to softer and smoother (not to mention more aesthetically pleasing) hands. And, within two weeks, the results are truly remarkable. If you use this in combination with the Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex, you’ll give your hands new life just yet! Imagine that: being able to upload photos of your manicure (or your amazing rings) onto Instagram without using any filters.

Talk about products that lend a helping hand!

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