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Be A Down-To-Mars Girl With The Eddie Borgo For Target Collection










Having made pavé conical and pyramid spikes synonymous with edgy elegance in the realm of jewelry, Eddie Borgo has now embarked upon two different missions: one, to expand his design playground by introducing a new line of minimalist but futuristic handbags inspired by industrial design fashioned using 3D printing technology; and, two, to make his creative output accessible to the cash-strapped masses via a limited-edition collaboration with Target. Available starting July 12th at Target stores and Target.com, the Eddie Borgo For Target Collection consists of clutches, bucket bags, mini backpacks, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and belts that combine galactic motifs with ’70s Bohemian fare and Southwestern themes.

Elton John’s “Rocket Man” might just pop into your head when you gaze upon the Galaxy Print handbags within the collection — including the round wristlet pictured fifth above, which is given a touch of Boho rocker glamour via the faux amethyst charms dangling from its lower ridge— and the mirrored silver pieces (such as the bucket bag pictured seventh above), which have a texture and sheen reminiscent of the space suits donned by the Mercury Seven astronauts.

Marble is another common theme in the collection — with prints inspired by slabs of Arabescato marble appearing on clutches (like the envelope-shaped zip-top number pictured at top) and marble-colored pyramid studs surfacing in some of the removable handbag and necklace charms. Raw stones intensify the mystery (and arguably, the mysticism) inherent to the collection, with turquoise, pyrite, onyx and malachite all making an appearance in various designs.

A wondrous exploration of ’70s Bohemian glamour is evident in the collection. Think of the feathered cape Ali McGraw wore to the premiere of The Godfather or the pom-pom adorned dress Marianne Faithfull famously wore to a 1969 Rolling Stones concert in Hyde Park, and you’ll have an idea of the era and vibe referenced by Borgo via the use of feather shapes, tassels (as with the earring set shown last above), stackable beads (which appear dangling from belts, as shown second from top or forming the bib portion of necklaces, as pictured sixth above), and arrow shapes.

Of-the-moment influences are also discernible — there’s, perhaps more notably, the emphasis on removable bag charms, which have gained favor again this year after decades of near-obscurity, but there’s also the heavy emphasis on 3-D printing (customers will have the ability to create their own letter charms on Target.com, which will then be produced via a 3-D printer). Similarly, there’s an overall DIY element to the collection, with pieces like the Silicone Bracelet (shown fourth above), featuring perforations that allow customers to snap in the studs of their choosing and then trade them as desired. The bag charms can also easily be removed and swapped with other bead, feather, tassel, or stone pendant add-ons, making each piece customizable.

Necessity may be the mother of invention, but invention can often be the mother of style — and that seems to be the message Borgo wants to convey most strongly with this collection.

All of the pieces in the Eddie Borgo for Target collection range from $7.99 to $49.99. Who can resist?

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