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Eden’s Crush — Zoya Paradise Fun Summer 2015 Nail Lacquer Collection


As usual, Zoya released two six-color collections for Summer 2015: one named Island Sun and consisting of creamy and robust shades and the other dubbed Paradise Fun and incorporating glistening metallic hues. I’ll be posting photos of the Island Sun lacquers shortly but, in the meantime, I wanted to introduce you to the splendors of the Zoya Paradise Fun collection ($9 each at Zoya.com). The six metallic, shimmer-infused, vibrant hues instantly reminded me of the lights bathing the exterior of hotels, restaurants, and nightclubs along South Shore in Miami during the evening and, moreover, of how these lights look reflected on the surface of  the nearby ocean. Without further ado, then, let’s check out the polishes and see if they’re really paradise-ready!




This shade could almost be described as emerald, but doing so would be overlooking the aquatic teal blue undertones that make the green hue so unique. It reminds me of a chrysocchola gemstone, of the water inside Shark’s Cove in Oahu. In addition to the micronized pearl finish that gives the hue such a lovely metallic finish, the nail lacquer incorporates aqua flecks that nod to deeper ocean waters. It’s, in my opinion, one of the loveliest hues within the Paradise Fun collection.




The name “Oceane” says it all: this stunning nail lacquer is a true turquoise with a micronized pearl finish that reflects oncoming light, giving everything more of an aquatic quality. It’s definitely among the shades you’d expect to see when visiting an aquarium — not just in terms of the water, but also on the iridescent scales of betta fish, and the spores of blue coral reefs.




The word “genesis” connotes a true beginning, the precise instant of creation, when everything is still pure and heavenly. This white color, then, is positively pristine — the type of shade you’d expect to see on angel wings and pearly gates. And, of course, it features a micronized metallic pearl finish designed to make the color appear as if coated with diamond dust. There’s an iciness to the shade that makes it look like the top layer of a fresh mantle of snow, but that sparkly quality somehow doesn’t feel exclusively wintry, making this shade appropriate for all seasons. It’s quite possibly one of the prettiest, most celestial white nail lacquers I’ve encountered to date.




Arguably the sparkliest of the nail lacquers in this collection, Aphrodite is a fiery red with orange undertones that’s as vivid and dynamic as the color of the rambutan fruits found in Indonesia and Malaysia. In addition to the tonal micronized metallic pearls, this glistening color includes a flash of metallic fuchsia that gives the color a bit more pop.




This color reminds me of the purple, lilac, and pink sky during a Bali sunset — it’s just that magical. Isa is no standard purple nail lacquer since it’s deep blue undertones make it feel almost galactic, like the deepest purple of an aurora borealis. In fact, the color almost verges on indigo, and it features sapphire-colored micronized metallic pearls that give it greater dimension, along with a flash of teal to complete the mystical effect.




Mae West would’ve loved this magenta pink, featuring a bountiful serving of light pink micronized metallic pearls that make the color shimmer like a sequined dress. Inspired by tropical flowers, the shade is reminiscent of rose grape, azalea, Chinese hibiscus, and anthurium petals. On a personal level, it’s my least favorite shade on the collection (just feels a bit too Paris Hilton-y for me), but if you’re the ultimate girly girl, you’ll appreciate this spunky pink.

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