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Poppin’ and Rockin’ With New Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer


If you love the moisturizing effects of Clinique’s award-winning Chubby Sticks but long for greater pigment pay-off and a more conventional lipstick bullet format, then you’ll rejoice over the new Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer collection ($18 each at Clinique counters and Clinique.com). Available in 16 shades ranging from demure nudes to punchy honeysuckle and melon pinks, vermilion reds, deep aubergines, and light mulberry purples, these lipsticks feature a decadently creamy consistency and yet they feel weightless on your pout. These seemingly paradoxical attributes alone make the Clinique Pop Lip Colour+ Primer lipsticks worthy of applause since moisturizing lipsticks can often feel too dense and almost cumbersome. But there’s another quality that’s even more vital to the inevitable commercial success of these lipsticks: they deliver a nice pigment punch.

In my experience, many lipsticks that are billed as being moisturizing are either completely ineffective or they do indeed soothe, hydrate, and smooth lips but at the cost of coating them with any discernible amount of color. In other words, they offer nothing but a sheer or semi-sheer veil of color, which is the kiss of death for those of us who covet a head-turning, statement-making pout. The Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer lipsticks, however, do succesdfully deliver the “pop” of color their name promises. Are the colors as saturated and intense as, say, Urban Decay’s Revolution lipsticks or NARS’ Audacious lipsticks? Well, no. But they are significantly more hydrating than the aforementioned offerings.

As for the “primer” element, these lipsticks possess the instantly replenishing ingredients necessary to soothe chapped lips, minimize the appearance of fine lanes and dry, scale-y patches, and hence provide the smooth and even canvas needed for the color pigments to look their very best. And yet each lipstick “primes” the surface area while also depositing lustrous pigment on the pout, accomplishing both feats with a single swipe. The application process, meanwhile, is effortless as the lipstick bullet glides atop lips with the ease of an Olympic figure skater, never skipping, dragging, or tugging at the skin.

Check out swatches of four of the colors in the collection: Grape Pop, a light mulberry hue; Plum Pop, a mauve-tinged, guava-esque, pink-y plum; Cola Pop, a deep maroon red with a sanguine feel; and Fab Pop, a cool, blue-based pink that’s as sweet and flirty as a piece of Bubblicious gum.




As you can see, the color pay-off is substantial and the finish is lustrous without having a needless amount of shimmer.

I will, however, warn that these lipsticks aren’t particularly long-lasting. While they don’t wear off as quickly as other lipsticks, once you drink, and eat, you will need to reapply in order to maintain the same level of color intensity. Still, it’s not a high price to pay given the other benefits. For someone like me, whose lips are constantly chapping, this lipstick is a godsend!

Ready to see how these look on lips? Check out a photo of me wearing the Grape Pop shade:



And here’s me wearing the Fab Pop shade:


See? Moisturizing lipsticks that pop! Make sure to check them out at Clinique.com

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