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In Good Taste — The Madewell x Deer Dana T-Shirt Collection Will Give You Food For Thought




Artists Dana Veraldi and Kevin Tekinel, the duo behind the T-shirt brand Deer Dana, have amassed a cult following thanks to their quirky and clever illustrated portraits of pop culture icons ranging from Bruce Springsteen and Howard Stern to Sade, Grace Jones, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Larry David, and Frida Kahlo.  Now, the twosome has collaborated with Madewell on a limited-edition series of illustrated T-shirts that celebrates three major cosmopolitan destinations: New York, Tokyo, and Paris.

The Madewell x Deer Dana T-Shirt Collection, then seeks to capture the face of each city — literally — by using the foods associated with that particular destination in the place of eyes, noses, and mouths. The Madewell x Deer Dana New York T-Shirt ($60 at Madewell.com), for instance, features two frosted donuts as eyes, a pepperoni pizza slice with melted cheese as a nose and a ketchup-covered hot dog as a mouth. The Madewell x Deer Dana Paris T-Shirt ($60 at Madewell.com) serves up some French treats, with cheese wheels (presumably delicious Brie cheese) in lieu of eyes, a baguette as a nose, and a croissant as a mouth. Last, but not least, the Madewell x Deer Dana Tokyo T-Shirt ($60 at Madewell.com) features two pieces of sushi as eyes (salmon roe Hosomaki sushi, perhaps?), a roll of Kazunoko sushi as a nose, and two pieces of crunchy shrimp tempura forming a smile.

Perfect for globetrotters, foodies, and art lovers alike, these T-shirts are as charming as they are witty.

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