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Oh my Glob! It’s A New Dr. Martens x Adventure Time Collection!




In between declaring his love for everything burritos (and ice cream , bacon pancakes, doughnuts, sandwiches… and, well, every form of food imaginable), voicing his desire to marry his bed, singing about living on a tropical island and hanging with hula dancers, and farting at every inopportune moment, Adventure Time‘s Jake the Dog occasionally dispenses some profound nuggets of wisdom — among them, “Sucking at something is the first step to being sorta good at something” and, “To live life, you need problems; if you get everything you want the minute you want it, then what’s the point of living?” Finn’s canine homie, traveling companion, and escapade-loving sidekick on Cartoon Network’s beloved animated show plays a major role in the new Dr. Martens x Adventure Time collection, currently available for pre-order at Solestruck.com.

Those who go as zany for all-over prints as Jake did after preparing his cream cheese, dill, cucumber, bacon, boiled egg, meat, bird, pickle, and tomato sandwich, will appreciate the whirlwind of energy exuded by the Dr. Martens x Adventure Time Castel Boot in Jake Print  ($129.95 at Solestruck.com), shown above at top, which features black canvas uppers, and illustrations of the mustard-colored dog in a plethora of sizes and poses — his body stretched out like a hot dog, laying down on his back as if passed out (perhaps after an ill-advised run), his spaghetti-style arms wailing around as if doing one of his magical dances, panting while mid-run, and so forth. The demand for the boot is so high that, while it won’t ship until October 21st, customers can purchase their own pair now — before they sell out!

Jake lovers might also covert he delightfully wacky Dr. Martens x Adventure Time Jake Boot ($149.95 at Solestruck.com), pictured third above, which features yellow leather uppers, black accent stitching, and black laces, as well as illustrations and design elements that make each shoe feel like a shape-shifted version of the hilarious hound. Jake’s face is stamped upon the top of each shoe’s toe, and two curved lines (meant to resemble an arm) adorn the outstep area, leading all the way to the side of the ankle area. A wide yellow strap with a fist-shaped cut-out along its edge attaches to a velcro closure on the side, covering the top of the black lace-up vamp, and aligning perfectly with the curved lines meant to resemble Jake’s arm.  When you look at the shoe, you’ll likely remember the moments when Jake and Finn shared excited fist bumps, then feel like you’ve entered their inner circle. And who wouldn’t want that? These particular boots will ship on August 15th, so they can be on high school and college kids’ feet by the start of the semester.

If, instead, you’re more of a rocker girl with a trickster spirit, you’ll might dig the Dr. Martens x Adventure Time Marceline Boot ($149.95 at Solestruck.com), pictured second above, which is inspired by Marceline, the half-demon and half-vampire girl with the long black hair, pointy ears and fangs who starts off as Jake ad Finn’s enemy but soon becomes a close friend. The black-and-white design of the lace-up boot exudes a punk spirit befitting of Marceline, an expert bass player, but the illustrated toe boxes pay more direct homage to the character, with the left foot featuring her face with a closed mouth expression, her upper fangs sticking out, and the right foot showing her with her mouth open as if in the middle of a discourse. Looking at the shoes from the front, then, the black uppers and side panels seem to mimic her raven-colored mane. The tongue, meanwhile, is lined with a fuzzy black material to keep feet nice and toasty. Since these boots shop on October 21st, the fuzzy tongue will prove ideal for warming up feet throughout autumn. And hey, the design motif will go over well at Halloween parties!

With the Dr. Martens x Adventure Time collection, you’ll literally be stepping into the Land of Ooo!



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