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What Dreams May Comb — Tidy Up Strands and Travel Light with the Go-Comb



In the days of portable everything — lightweight electronic tablets, wand-shaped scanners, foldable keyboards, rollerball perfumes, travel-sized dry shampoo, TSA-friendly facial cleansers and mists, pen-like stain removers, etc — the options for on-the-go hair styling tools remain bafflingly limited. Sure, Drybar, Tangle Teezer, The Wet Brush, Goody, and Sephora Collection offer a few purse-friendly hair brush styles, but what about combs? Well, if you find yourself yearning for a toothy friend to give bangs a pick-me-up, remove tangles, or tease strands while on-the-go, then you need to meet the Go-Comb, the most innocuous, circumspect, handy comb ever made. Designed by Brooklyn-based entrepreneur Heather Burkman, each Go-Comb measures slightly less than a credit card both in size and thickness, allowing it to easily fit in any of your wallet’s credit card slots (or in your tiniest minaudiere!).

Made of durable, lightweight, waterproof coated stainless steel, Go-Combs are available in an array of colors and patterns. The Brass Hexagon Go-Comb ($15.99 at Go-Comb.com), for instance, features intricate, hexagon-shaped cut-outs that create a beehive-worthy look. Take a look below:


 The Pink Tile Go-Comb ($13.99 at Go-Comb.com), meanwhile, features a carnation pink enamel coating for a sugar sweet look and boasts intricate angular cut-outs that create a mosaic-like effect. Check it out:


But by far my favorite designs are the mirror-equipped Go-Combs, such as the Brass Tile Mirror Go-Comb ($15.99 at Go-Comb.com), which features an elaborate etched design on one side and, on the other, a chrome brass surface that functions as a mirror so that you can assess your handiwork and maybe touch up your lipstick in the process! Here’s a look at the comb:


Even my hubby is a fan since he’s always searching for a comb to touch up his beard (especially after eating,  since crumbs can sometimes wind up nestled in between beard hairs).

Think everyone in your family could appreciate a Go-Comb? Then invest in one of the three-packs available, like those shown above at top, and hand them out like party favors!

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