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Get Emoji-nal With Chiara Ferragni’s Fun New Kicks




Forget mood rings — this fall, let your footwear communicate your every emotion. Blogger-cum-designer Chiara Ferragni tapped into the wordless, symbol-driven language used by social media lovers when designing her new Chiara Feragni I Feel Slip-Ons ($299.95 at AshburySkies.com), which feature interchangeable emoji patches meant to convey your state of mind (or, at the very least, your remarkable wit).

Made in Italy, these leather-lined slip-on shoes feature black glitter-covered uppers and white rubber soles. And, since identical shoes are so 2014, Ferragni created two matching but unique pieces, with the right side of the pair featuring the words “I Feel” embroidered across the vamp in large white block letters and the left side left bare, a blank space on which to insert the emoji of choice. Each pair, then, comes with a velvety pouch that holds seven patent leather emoji patches: from a red angry face to a smiling yellow face with black stars for eyes (meant to convey excitement), a winking-and-blowing-a-kiss face (meant to convey flirtation), a wacky yellow face with a stuck-out tongue and winking eye (meant to communicate a mischievous or silly mood), and so forth.

Each interchangeable emoji patch, then, allows you to play your own game of Mad Libs via your footwear — except, of course, using the symbol-driven language of our times instead of words!


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