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Just Glow With It! — Keep Your Summer Glow Year-Round With The Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick Lip To Cheek Dewy Lip Colour Pop


Summer may be coming to a close (sigh), but that doesn’t mean you have to lean into the sickly pallor that often accompanies the winter months. Instead, you can hang on to that dewy, lit-from-within, youthful radiance that we associate with sun-kissed summer skin for as long as your heart desires. All you need is the help of the Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick collection ($45 each; available at CharlotteTilbury.com/us and Nordstrom.com).  Each Charlotte Tilbury Lip To Cheek Dewy Colour Pop is packaged in a sleek rose gold-colored tube with a sophisticated, mirrored sheen.

Much like the NARS  Cosmetics Multiples, these cream colors are meant to deliver a colorful color with a few painterly strokes but, unlike the NARS offerings, these feature a domed tip (as opposed to the flat surface of the Multiples) that actually allows for a more precise application (particularly if you want to concentrate on the apples of the cheeks). And, as much as I love the NARS Multiples (and I adore them!), the Charlotte Tilbury Beach Sticks outperform them in terms of the believability of the radiance they bestow upon the complexion. Whereas some NARS Multiples feature chunky bits of glitter that make for fun makeup looks but don’t necessarily yield an I-just-came-from-vacation glow, the Charlotte Tilbury Beach Sticks accomplish this feat with panache.

Each paraben-free formula features creamy polymers that moisturize the skin, glowing pigments that illuminate the skin paired with more color-saturated pigments that yield the desired bronzed or rosy touch, light-diffusion spheres that blur any existing redness or spots, and high melting-point waxes that keep the skin hydrated and maximize the dewy effect.

I tend to find that cream blushes, when executed properly, are not only easier to blend, but they tend to last longer and to yield more seamless looks. Whereas some powder blushes look cake-y and blotchy, the right cream blush will give cheeks the perfect just-pinched rosiness, the came-back-from-St-Tropez golden touch, the just-had-an-afternoon-delight flush. When it’s a perfect cream color, cheeks won’t look adorned or “done-up,” and onlookers will assume the skin is responsible for the enticing warmth, radiance, and incandescence typifying your complexion. In other words, it will give you a maybe-she’s-born-with-it effect — and that is precisely what makes the Charlotte Tilbury Beach Sticks merit being inducted into a league of their very own.

Texturally, the Beach Sticks are creamy but melt onto the skin easily, so that they almost have an airy whipped texture as you dab the color and blend it along the cheeks. And the moisturizing ingredients do help to keep the color from becoming dull as the hours go by, ensuring that skin stays supple and that, hence, the pigments look their best.

The collection includes of multi-purpose cheek and lip colors incorporates five unique shades — all inspired by the sunset colors, golden sands, and bronzed revelers in Ibiza. The shades in the collection are: Las Salinas, a fresh golden pink reminiscent of pink sands; Moon Beach, an iridescent peach color with rose gold tones; Ibiza, a burnished bronze hue with pink and tonal shimmer; Es Vedra, a sunset-worthy coral red that verges on poppy red (but softens immensely when blended); and Formentera, a tawny, fig-like berry color.

Below, check out swatches of Las Salins, Moon Beach, and Ibiza:



I am quite literally obsessed with Salinas (I wore it every single day during a trip to Miami and one of my cousins even asked if she could borrow it since she loved the color so much) and with Moon Beach since it has that perfect peachy-pink color and the golden dewiness that I associate with seashells and sunrises at the beach.

Next, check out swatches of Es Vedra and Formentera:



The Es Vedra shade looks pretty intense in the photos above, but it’s actually quite easy to soften it further since you can literally massage it into the skin using your fingertips until it’s as demure as you desire. As for Formentera, it’s probably my least favorite shade in the collection, but it’s still pretty stunning — just not necessarily on me!

Want to see what these beauties look like when applied to an actual human? Well, here are some photos of me rocking the Las Salinas shade:



See how healthy my cheeks look? And it’s not a heavy, piled-on, blush look. Plus that dewy finish just makes me feel like I’m 21 again!

Next, check out a pic of me wearing the Es Vedra Beach Stick shade:


As you can see, the color gives cheeks that “I’m blushing” effect and, when properly blended, is significantly more demure than the swatches above might indicate (though, if you have darker skin and want more color pay-off, you can layer it on as much as needed and achieve the desired coverage too!).  What’s actually amazing is that, when this photo was taken, I had an incredibly high fever and felt beyond sick, but largely due to the cheek color, I still appear to be in great health. How can you beat that?

I, for one, will keep my cheeks glowing for as long as I can!

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