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Disney’s Most Villainous Females Bewitch LONDON SOHO NEW YORK’s New Halloween-Ready Makeup Bags





Right in time for Halloween, LONDON SOHO NEW YORK has rolled out a limited-edition collection of makeup bags featuring some of Disney’s most fearsome female characters: The Little Mermaid‘s sinister half-octopus antagonist Ursula; Sleeping Beauty‘s horned, staff-wielding, raven-loving sorceress Maleficent; and Snow White‘s narcissistic, power hungry, poisoned apple-clutching Evil Queen.

The collection, available exclusively at Walgreens stores, includes four black vinyl makeup bag styles: a large, multi-compartment weekender bag ($11.99), measuring 8.75″ in length, 4″ in width and 6″ in height and featuring two top handles for easy toting; a retro-flavored round top bag ($7.99). measuring 7″ in length, 2″ in width, and 5″ in height; a rectangular organizer pouch ($9.99), measuring 8″ in length, 3.75″ in width and 5.25″ in height; and a cube-shaped train case ($11.99) with a zippered top lid and a handy top handle, measuring 8″ in length, 3.75″ in width, and 5.25″ in height.

The Maleficent styles are particularly spellbinding — especially the Maleficent Weekender Case shown above at top, since it perfectly exudes both the ominous quality of the character’s presence while also underlining her gothic brand of glamour. Similarly, the Evil Queen bags capture her frosty and standoffish demeanor, her brows cocked to convey annoyance and her red mouth in a contemptuous snarl. As for Ursula, the illustrations show the sea dweller’s flair for manipulation and deceit, as well as her flair for theatrics.

One detail that stands out in all the designs is the gothic, damask-style wallpaper behind each villain, which consists of that character’s shadow placed within an ornate frame with plenty of swirls and flourishes. In Ursula’s case, for instance, the six tentacles along the lower half of her figure are shown within the wallpaper pattern while, in Maleficent’s case, the pattern consists of an image of her standing perfectly upright, her pet raven perched on one shoulder, and one hand holding her orb-tipped staff.

These ladies may be evil, but they sure do make being bad look good!

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