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The Last Tangle — Enjoy Smooth And Knot-Free Strands With Carol’s Daughter 4-in-1 Combing Cremes


It’s the curly-haired girl conundrum: we’ve been told time and time again that it’s bad business to run a comb —much less brush — through our hair while it’s dry since it can cause major breakage (and aggravate frizz), that it’s preferable to comb strands during the conditioning stage of our showering routines, when our manes are still soaking wet, but what if pesky tangles and knots linger after we rinse? Some folks will advice you to resort to finger-combing, which can do the trick, if done gently, but is also incredibly time-consuming. Others will advise you to use a leave-in conditioner, which is certainly advisable, but requires finding the right product that can moisturize curls and aid in the detangling process without weighing locks down and making them appear limp and lifeless. For years, I’ve relied on a mixture of anti-frizz serums, leave-in conditioners, and detangling sprays when tackling tangled strands, but now, with the launch of the Carol’s Daughter Combing Creme collection, I may have found a single product that can literally do it all — or, at the very least, 90% of it.

The idea behind the new range of Combing Cremes materialized after Carol’s Daughter founder Lisa Price traveled to Brazil and discovered the  rich, lotion-like “cremas para pentear” that women in the country relied on to condition, detangle and shape their curly manes. Fascinated by the concept, she set out to develop her own combing creams, which she envisioned as multi-tasking products that could effectively detangle strands and provide a slippery cushion, removing any friction during the combing process (whether using with fingertips or a wide-tooth comb); hydrate strands, thereby functioning as leave-in conditioners; boost shine and improve softness; combat frizz and flyaways; and strengthen weakened  and brittle strands.

Three Carol’s Daughter 4-in-1 Combing Cremes are available, each one enriched with moisturizing shea butter but featuring other ingredients addressing specific hair types and/or concerns: the Hair Milk cream, for instance, prioritizes hydration and hence contains agave extract, a potent humectant that draws moisture from the air and infuses it into the hair follicle, along with nourishing olive oil and the aforementioned shea butter; the Sacred Tiare cream, meanwhile, features coconut oil, known to penetrate the hair shaft and deliver a moisture boost as well as help tame frizz and amino acid-rich moringa extract, which fortifies weakened strands and helps to stimulate hair growth; and the Black Vanilla cream tackles the driest and most brittle strands through a combination of aloe, pro-vitamin B5, sweet almond oil, and vegetable proteins. Each Carol’s Daughter 4-in-1 Combing Creme retails for $10 at Target stores nationwide.

I’ve been using both the Hair Milk Combing Creme and the Black Vanilla Combing Creme and, while both are spectacular, the latter is ideal for my particular hair needs since, as a long-time faux blonde, my strands are often in need of a hydration power-punch and can be prone to split ends and breakage. Applying the cream is easy-breezy: all you need to do is squeeze out a quarter-sized amount, rub it in between the palms of your hands, and then apply it to strands, starting at the roots and working your way up to the mid-lengths and, if necessary, the roots. Once you’ve applied the product, you’ll notice your fingers glide right through each section, as if swooshing rapidly down a slippery water slide. At that moment, you can continue to finger comb strands or reach for a wide-tooth comb. You won’t even have to apply any real pressure to get the comb’s teeth through strands since the cream itself will be unraveling any pesky knots.

Once you’ve combed your hair, meanwhile, you can simply style as usual and hit the road without the need to rinse off the product. Once your hair is dry, you should notice that your strands feel softer, bouncier, and more manageable.

I’d recommend this product for any and all curly-haired gals — regardless of whether they have loose waves, tight coils, spring-like ringlets, or thick kinks. I’d also venture to say that you can use this product whether you have fine, medium, or coarse hair though, of course, the amount you apply should be adjusted depending on the amount of hair you have, its length, its texture, and its porosity. My hair, which was once curly and big, has lost a lot of “oomph” over the years due to constant heat styling, hormonal changes (such as being pregnant which can, in fact, alter hair’s texture), repeated color processing, and aging (my hair has become significantly thinner over time). Given these factors, I find that some products targeting curly-haired gals weigh down my strands, creating yet another set of problems. The Carol’s Daughter Combing Creme, however, helped me tackle those knots I so despise, minimize frizz (my mortal enemy), and give my now-looser curls some CPR without sacrificing volume or bounce. And, since the combing cream tackles so many different issues, I now only add a bit more frizz-fighting serum to problem areas (like along my hairline) before drying my mane and I’m good to go.

One last thought on the Black Vanilla Combing Creme: it smells so delicious, those around you might just want to lean in a bit closer. And hey, vanilla is known to be an aphrodisiac!

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