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The Witching Hour — Create A Halloween-Inspired Look Without Going The Costume Route

Don’t feel like dressing up this Halloween? Tired of spending tons of cash laboring over a costume that, however impressive or original, you’ll only wear for a single day? Then consider ditching the disguise and finding another way to infuse a Halloween-inspired feel into your look. No, we’re not talking about headbands with cat ears or bunny ears! From spider-adorned beanies to skull-themed jewelry and bat-shaped barrettes, these pieces effectively tap into the Halloween spirit but are also versatile and chic enough to stay in your wardrobe rotation for months and years to come.


Alexis Bittar Elements Dark Alchemy Raven Cameo Semi-Precious Multi-Stone Clip-On Drop Earrings, $395. Available at SaksFifthAvenue.com

Befitting of Charlize Theron’s rendition of the Evil Queen, aptly named Ravenna, these opulent yet ominous earrings pay homage to the winged creature immortalized in Edgar Allen Poe’s famous poem. Measuring 2.28″ in length and 1.05″ in width, these clip-on earrings feature a cluster of crystal and pyrite stones beneath a black agate cameo of a raven positioned upon a mother-of-pearl stone. Teardrop-shaped and almond-shaped Swarovski and precious crystals, meanwhile, adorn the outer perimeter of the raven-themed cameo, their placement creating the look of wingtips.


Jennifer Behr Double Spider Merino Wool and Silk Beanie, $575. Available at SaksFifthAvenue.com

Ditch the headband with the cat ears this year and, instead, keep your head toasty in this merino wool beanie, which is infused with silk for greater softness, and features two spiders fashioned out of Swarovski crystals.


Betsey Johnson Dark Shadows Haunted House Pendant, $55. Available at BetseyJohnson.com

Like a haunted house depiction within an illustrated edition of a Grimm Brothers fairy tale collection, the shadowy mansion at the center of this necklace’s cameo-like cabochon pendant manages to exude the desired spooky feel while also maintaining a childlike, cartoonish, wondrous element.  The black-plated metal accents around the oval pendant, meanwhile, recall the wrought iron fences often surrounding these gothic abodes while the spider and crows within the framework feel kitschy and fun. The Y-shaped chain, meanwhile, features red rose accents for a feminine touch.


ASOS Skeleton Cheeky Hands Halloween Minidress, $45. Available at US.Asos.com

Like a gothic, pop culture rendition of Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam painting, which features two outstretched hands reaching towards each other, this stretch jersey minidress features two extended skeletal arms pointing in opposite directions, each hand hovering over the other.


Alexander McQueen Victorian Jeweled Skull Ring, $495. Available at AlexanderMcQueen.com

Skull motifs have always played a central role in Alexander McQueen’s designs, and so it’s no surprise that the label’s latest jewelry collection incorporates plenty of riffs on the familiar theme. Our favorite: this brass Victorian skull ring embellished with Swarovski crystals. From the round, faceted, smoky Swarovski crystals


Tom Binns Gold Spider Necklace With Crystal, $200. Available at TomBinnsDesign.com

The itsy bitsy spider at the heart of this necklace has quite a lot of reach — each of its legs is attached to a draped chain strand, creating a multi-layered silhouette. Small pearl beads and a black Swarovski crystal, meanwhile, add the requisite elegance to the design.


Charlotte Olympia Spider Web Acrylic Clutch Bag, $1395. Available at NeimanMarcus.com

There’s an Ethiopian saying: “When spiders unite, they can tie down a lion.” This Perspex acrylic clutch bag, featuring a ring-shaped top handle, proves the point since, with its  quirky and chic spiderweb design, it creates a visual so powerful as to emerge as the Queen of the Handbag Jungle. The square clutch, measuring 5 1/2″ in length and width and 1 1/2″ in depth, features a metallic gold web pattern radiating from the upper right-hand corner and a three-dimensional, Swarovski crystal-embellished, figural spider climbing its way up the front of the bag.


Saint Laurent Fangs Print T-Shirt, $345. Available at FarFetch.com

You don’t need to dress like From Dusk Till Dawn‘s Satanico Pandemonium to channel a sexy vampire — just slip on this black cotton T-shirt which features an open mouth with two exposed fangs, their tips covered in what appears to be blood. The twist? The dripping blood forms hearts as it trickles down the side of the mouth, removing some of the macabre overtones from the vampire theme and replacing it with a notion of “love bites.”


Han Cholo Stormtrooper Ring, $65. Available at Karmaloop.com

With all the excitement surrounding Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens, we’re likely to encounter plenty of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Yoda, Stormtrooper, Princess Leia, and Darth Vader costumes. If, however, you want to leave the dressing up part of the festivities to the candy-seeking trick-or-treater crowd, show your appreciation for George Lucas’ sci-fi film epic by flaunting this sculptural, silver-toned ring, which resembles a Stormtrooper helmet.


Mighty Fine I Am Spidergwen Hooded Tank, $28. Available at WeLoveFine.com

This hooded racerback tank, designed by Catherine Elhoffer, features a graphic black-and-white design that’s both modern and sporty but the inner lining of the hood features a pink-and-white spiderweb pattern. The tank pays homage to Marvel Comics character Spidergwen, who sports a bodysuit with a similar design throughout the comic book series.



Broadway Nails Press-On Manicure in Haunting, $5. Available at Walgreens, CVS, Kmart, and Walmart.

Nail art is a great way to embrace the Halloween spirit without incurring the expense of an elaborate costume you’ll likely wear once then toss or give away. That said, great nail art involves plenty of patience, precision, and skill. If you’d rather avoid the hassle, just buy one of the six limited-edition Broadway Nails Press-On Manicure sets, such as the Haunting design featured here. This colorful set includes nails with candy corn-ready stripes, orange tips with black dots, a black spider atop an orange background, and more. Check out a photo of my five-second mani:


Best of all, to apply the nails, you simply have to press them atop your own nails — no glue necessary!


T.U.K Day of the Dead Vegan Kitty Flats, $65. Available at TUKshoes.com

These vegan slip-on flats feature a kitty face appliqué stitched atop the toe area, a crown of red roses positioned atop the feline beauty’s head, daisies in lieu of pupils, a heart detail below its mouth, and other celebratory, Day of the Dead-inspired nuances.


Elizabeth Heard Bat Barrette, $22.50. Available at Etsy.com

If you’ve watched enough horror movies involving tenebrous castles on remote hilltops and haunted mansions with eerie wrought iron fences, you’ve likely observed a wide array of creepy brass door knockers shaped like dragons, horned devils, owls, lion heads, skulls, and, of course, bats. This gold-plated, bat-shaped hair barrette features that same vintage gothic vibe, and it can be worn well after Halloween. Who needs a tiara when you can adorn your hair with a badass bat?


Generation Love Quinn Sugar Skull Tank, $84. Available at SaksFifthAvenue.com

This scoop neck, slouchy, loose-fitting sleeveless tank features a gold-filigree skull graphic meant to create a look that’s totally rock ‘n’ roll yet somehow feminine and slightly Bohemian.


Patricia Field Skull and Witch Claw Bracelet, $20. Available at PatriciaField.com

This gunmetal-toned hand piece makes danger look seductive with a chain-link bracelet featuring a skull nestled in between outspread bat wings and three long chain strands punctuated by rings adorned with dramatic, talon-like claws.



Topshop Skeleton Print Mini Dress, $52. Available at US.Topshop.com

Don’t feel like going the Kim Kardashian route and donning a black bodysuit with a white skeleton print, then painting your face accordingly? Well, you can go for a more subtle look with this stretch cotton blend minidress, featuring the same skeleton theme. Throw on a leather jacket, add some biker boots, then finish with a beanie for an edgy look with just enough of a ghoulish feel.


Converse Chuck Taylor All Star DC Comics Wonder Woman Sneakers, $60. Available at Converse.com

Want to avoid all the ghastly, macabre, spooky themes this Halloween? Then embrace your inner superhero — without the cape and bodysuit or armor — by rocking these Wonder Woman-themed sneakers. You won’t need to encircle folks within the confines of a Lasso of Truth for them to tell you, in all sincerity, that these kicks are seriously kickass.


Suzywan Deluxe Holo Ghost Earrings, €22.00. Available at Shop.Suzywan.com

Pacman may flee from these ghosts, but we’d run right towards them — and then pin them in our ears! Made out of holographic acrylic, these  danglers nod to the paranormal realm in a cheeky and playful way.


ASOS Lexi Halloween Cat Face Ballet Flats, $45. Available at US.Asos.com

Forget those silly superstitions! When these black cats cross your path, you’re about to experience some excellent luck — well, at least on the style front! Featuring black faux suede uppers, these flats feature gold-toned edging and matching trim along the ankle straps. The pointed toes, meanwhile, feature the piercing blue, almond-shaped eyes and whiskered nose of a cat.


Tarina Tarantino Sugar Skulls Multi Bead Calavera Cameo, $95. Available at TarinaTarantino.com

Though they share the same date, October 31st, and both celebrations reference death in some capacity, Halloween and El Día de los Muertos differ tremendously in terms of their overall tones. In the United States, Halloween is often considered a day of mischief during which people often show an appreciation for the frightful and grotesque. In Mexico, meanwhile, the Day of the Dead is a festive and joyful occasion during which families gather together to pray for their deceased relatives and ancestors, to remember their earthy lives by sharing anecdotes and speaking on their qualities and personalities, and to invite the spirits of the departed to come and visit. Often, on October 31st and the two days that follow, graves are decorated with marigolds, cookies and cakes are baked in the shape of skulls, and altars and shrines are built and decorated with flowers, crosses, religious statues, and plates of food. This lucite bead Tarina Tarantino necklace, then, captures the exuberance and joy of the Día de los Muertos celebration thanks to the sugar skull emblem at the center of the large oval cameo and the colorful carved lucite flowers positioned in a wreath shape around it.


H&M 3-Pack Socks, $5.99. Available at HM.com

Throw your feet a bone this Halloween with these comical jacquard-knit socks, featuring a variety of skeleton-themed designs.



KISS Nail Dress in Supernatural, $2.99. Available at Walgreens and Kmart.

These red-and-black nail decals feature a number of ghoulish patterns: a red spiders clustered atop a black backdrop, a black spiderweb atop a blood red background, and more. The decals come in several sizes so you can find the right length and width for each of your nails and customize your look as desired. Sixteen of the decals are full-length wraps while the other 16 are designed to be worn as tips for an edgy spin on a French manicure. Check out a mani created using the full-length decals:


To remove the decals, all you have to do is peel them off so you won’t even need to reach for cotton balls and acetone. Win!

charmind-charlie-spiderweb-fringe-earringsCharming Charlie Spider Fringe Earrings, $8. Available at CharmingCharlie.com

You may want to get rid of any cobwebs in your home, but feel free to invite them into your jewelry box! These 3 1/2″-long drop earrings feature a spiderweb design with a sparkling center stone and are embellished with chain strands that create a fringed effect.

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