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What I Wore: My Autumn Sunday Brunch Style




It’s almost cliché to say that brunch is my favorite meal, but it’s the truth. For one, the mere fact that it transpires between breakfast and lunch means that I most likely had the chance to sleep in which, in turn, suggests it’s likely the weekend (or maybe my birthday!). Second, I love egg white omelets, bacon, pancakes, grits, and all the sweet and savory dishes on the menu. And third, I can sip a mimosa or a Bellini while I eat, which is a treat in and of itself. On Sunday, then, I headed out with the family to enjoy a lovely brunch in the neighborhood, and I chose my outfit accordingly, mixing laid-back basics like bootcut jeans, a black button-down blouse, and ankle booties with  more rock ‘n’ roll touches like a statement necklace, an attention-grabbing ring, a mixed-material leather jacket, and oversize shades.

The dark blue J Brand jeans are among my favorite since they’re soft and comfortable but also have a well-defined shape and structure. Since I have sizable hips (and a booty to match), I tend to favor bootcut or slightly flared jeans that balance my figure a bit, and these definitely do the trick. I also like the color since it’s not too light a blue nor is it so deep as to appear almost black. Even the whiskering of the fabric is perfect!

As for the Cheap Monday button-down blouse, it looks like a standard shirt but make no mistake: it’s business in the front and party in the back. The blouse hits at the waist but then has two trailing pieces of fabric along the back reminiscent of tuxedo tails. Rather than the standard high-low structure, then, the back is cropped at the waist and features a split along the center, so that the two knee-length fabric pieces flutter and float as you walk. Since the weather was a bit unpredictable, I added a Vince Camuto jacket made of faux leather and tweed, which is fun since it takes a typically rock ‘n’ roll fabric (leather) and marries it with a traditionally posh and prim material (tweed).

To give this look some life and a hint of color, meanwhile, I relied on some power-packed accessories — primarily a Baublebar necklace featuring onyx-colored, oval-shaped stones with gold, foil-like flecks and clear crystal accents along their perimeter. I also wore a single ring on my right index finger, an Amrita Singh number with gold-toned scrollwork along the band and a domed, polished, onyx-colored center stone.

To complete the polished rocker look, I added a pair of studded Vince Camuto booties, some oversize Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses, and my favorite black leather Kooba handbag.

What do you think of the outfit? What’s your go-to brunch style?

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