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25 Larger-Than-Life Baubles That Prove Bigger Is Better For Spring 2016

Nelly Furtado had the right idea when she chanted, “The bigger the better/the bigger the better/the bigger the better” in her 2012 single “Big Hoops:” this season’s jewelry is major — and not just in a metaphorical sense. Sure, we’ll see some dainty stud earrings, slim tennis bracelets, and prim stacking rings but, overall, designers seemed to adopt a “go big or go home” those when crafting these pieces.

From shoulder-grazing earrings to chest piece necklaces, hefty industrial-looking bangles, necklaces with oversize floral and insect motifs, and stand-out rings, the SS16 jewelry landscape is a playground for the bold and adventurous. Check out 25 these daring pieces below!


Dolce & Gabbana Gold-Plated Swarovski Crystal Clip Earrings, $1295. Available at Net-a-Porter.com

The vibrant colors and floral motifs of these stunning danglers might remind you of  traditional Italian ceramic bowls, platters, pitchers, and vases. Made of gold-plated brass, the 8.5cm-long earrings feature circular centers with intricate scrollwork that create a lace-like effect. Each medallion-shaped piece features an oversize ruby Swarovski crystal at its center, as well as smaller ruby, emerald, citrine and periwinkle blue Swarovski crystals dangling from different swirls along the perimeter of the center stone. The ear posts, meanwhile, are embellished with sculpted flowers, each featuring a clear crystal at its center.


Oscar de la Renta Persimmon Resin Flower & Swarovski Crystal Necklace, $690. Available at OscardelaRenta.com

Like the lush blossoms Frida Kahlo propped atop the crown of her head, creating the perfect punctuation mark for her intricately braided updos, this resin necklace will help women achieve a memorable look that might just be replicated for decades to come. Inspired by the joyful exuberance of traditional island fashions (think floral crowns, leis, etc.), this Oscar de la Renta necklace consists of a vine-shaped, Russian gold-plated pewter collar with two ornate oversize, persimmon-colored resin flowers at its center.


M.C.L. Design by Matthew Campbell Valhalla Mixed-Sapphire & Wood Cuff Bracelet, $580. Available at NeimanMarcus.com

Wooden jewelry pieces typical have a tribal, Bohemian, or tropical vibe, but designer Matthew Campbell Laurenza is helping to redefine the material and showcase its versatility. Part of the M.C.L. Design by Matthew Campbell Valhalla collection, this hinged wooden cuff has a clean and almost minimalist feel that’s then upended by luxurious, ornate, medallion embellishments  stations with concentric circles consisting of inset sapphires (2.92 carats in total) and blue topaz stones (0.35 carats). Each medallion detail features rows of multi-colored sapphires arranged to create concentric circles, with a daisy-like flower positioned atop these rows, at the center of the medallion, its “petals” consisting of  teardrop-shaped blue topaz stones and its center occupied by a round clear stone.



Nocturne Bruna Necklace, $315. Available at CharmandChain.com

Brush up on your geometry — and relive your days stacking blocks while playing Tetris — with this dynamic and kinetic Nocturne necklace.  This piece features two chains with cotton threads woven around their links and an elaborate bib featuring a rounded rose quartz-colored glass stone at its center; rectangular, faceted, black glass stone stacked vertically along the sides; a horizontal strip fashioned out of cobalt blue cotton and black resin creating a checkerboard design accentuating the central point of the bib portion; two cylindrical, marble-like resin pieces in a stone gray shade framing the rose glass stone; and small, faceted, round dark citrine stones brightening up the design.



Dannijo Faustina Earrings, $420. Available at Dannijo.com

Inspired by dreamcatchers but infused with a rock ‘n’ roll attitude, these shoulder-grazing earrings are fashioned out of oxidized silver-plated metal and embellished with clear and blue Swarovski crystals in the shapes of tiny diamonds or spears.


Patricia Von Musulin Gabony Ebony X Cuff Bracelet, $550. Available at BergdorfGoodman.com

Talk about “X” marking the spot! Rather than a traditional “X” shape created by overlapping metal strips creating sharp angles, this sculptural cuff features softer curved edges and an almost tufted, pillowy appearance along the center. Measuring 2.2″ in height and 5″ in width, this ebony-colored cuff bracelet features inlaid sterling silver for a spotted, almost speckled effect.


Prada Leather and Crystal Earrings, $730. Available at Prada.com

Onlookers will get a case of whiplash from staring at these doorknocker-shaped, 2/7″-long Saffiano leather earrings, embellished with black and clear crystals. The floral shape created by the crystal stones at the ear posts softens the rock ‘n’ roll feel of  the rich leather, while the prong-set almond, round, and rectangular crystals creating a chandelier effect along the top ridge of the leather hoops add the requisite drama.


Baublebar Queen Bee Collar, $68. Available at Baublebar.com

Float like a butterfly but sting like a bee, going in for that knockout style punch, with this buzz-worthy statement-making necklace — part of BaubleBar’s Olivia Palermo Guest Bartender collection.


Arme de l’Amour Ruffle Bracelet, $750. Available at MilloJewelry.com

The wavy top and bottom ridges of this brass cuff make it resemble ruffled shirt cuffs, while the round perforations throughout its surface nod to those found in eyelet fabrics.


Lanvin Ivory Flower and Chain Clip Earrings, $590. Available at NeimanMarcus.com

Take a cue from Billy Holiday and embrace the beauty of gardenias with these romantic earrings. Measuring 3.1″ in length and 1.2″ in width, the flower-themed earrings feature white petals fashioned out of polyester and central discs made out of clustered glass crystals. Two brass-and-pewter chains, adorned with glass crystals, dangle down from the center of each blossom for a glamorous and theatrical touch.



Etro Crystal Necklace, $801. Available at Etro.com

Play up your swan-like neck with this elegant necklace, made of glass and plastic beads, as well as luminous rhinestones. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of this design is the color scheme: flattened, round, red-and-black beads are juxtaposed against faceted, teardrop-shaped, dusty rose drop beads that dangle inside the diamond-shaped crevices of the web-like structure, which is itself created by tiny black stones.


Hermes Isthme Earrings, $425. Available at USA.Hermes.com

These drop earrings feature diamond-shaped ear posts that connect to two-toned oversize ovals fashioned out of buffalo horn and burgundy lacquered wood. These put the “O” in XOXO.



Lanvin Azov Cuff Bracelet € 642. Available at Store.Lanvin.com

No longer reserved for the prim and proper, pearls are the agents of mischief in this 8cm-tall cuff. The distressed pewter bracelets that form the cuff’s skeletal frame have a silver-toned finish, while the ladder-like motif along the center resembles a ladder, with pearl-like beads adorning the rung-like rows of brass bars.


Jenny Bird Illa Collar Necklace, $225. Available at Jenny-Bird.com

This industrial-flavored collar, fashioned out of rose gold-dipped brass, features shiny strips that create a half moon-shaped frame, a small slit dividing each curved bar. The under-mounted, staggered, draped chains, meanwhile, add texture and movement to the design.




Fendi Fashion Show Ring, $270. Available at Fendi.com

You might just get a craving for an old-school gum ball when you lay eyes on this brass Fendi ring, which is topped off with  a marble-like, slightly translucent, near-mystical resin bead in a celestial sky blue color with streaks of vivid purple.


Marni Clip-On Earrings in Strass, $620. Available at Marni.com

Fascinated with ear cuffs and crawlers? Then you’ll swoon over these flora-inspired, brass-and-glass earrings, which trace the ear’s perimeter, so that a cluster of clear and amethyst crystals arranged into an elongated leaf shape grazes the helix and a “branch” made of smoky gray crystals traces the outer rim, leading to two additional leaf-shaped clusters that, in turn, embellish the lobe area.


Simon Miller Wide Shield Cuff, $830. Available at Barneys.com


Baublebar Ygritte Big Necklace, $58. Available at Baublebar.com

Our collective obsession with tassels has only deepened since last year, when Fringe Mania kicked into high gear. As the months have passed, the tassels adorning handbags, dangling from jacket hemlines and sleeves, and trimming skirts and dresses have only gotten longer and more dramatic. The same is true for jewelry. This Baublebar necklace features a rope-like collar with a row of gold coils that, in turn, leads to seven tassels fashioned out of black thread, each one measuring 10″ in length for maximum impact and tons of playful movement.


Marc by Marc Jacobs Puzzle Bangle, $228. Available at Shop.Nordstrom.com

This may look like one single 2″-wide cuff, but it actually consists of two interlocking pieces (hence the “puzzle” reference in its name) that can be stacked together to yield a truly head-turning number. One gold-toned bangle features a slightly distressed brushed metal look and includes a keyhole cut-out along the front that connects perfectly with the accompanying bangle, which features a shiny polished exterior and has a protruding piece with domed enamel cabochon stone.


Ben-Amun Gypset Large Gold Pendant with Three Tassels Necklace, $670. Available at Ben-Amun.com

Inspired by images of traveling gypsies, this statement necklace features a cluster of 24k gold-plated chains and an intricate bib pendant with faceted oval and round tiger eye and jasper stones, all linked together via slim metal bars and arranged into a fanned-out shape reminiscent of a peacock’s plumage. Three tassels with chain fringe are staggered to create an arrowhead shape at the bottom of the necklace, completing the piece and adding a whimsical and free-spirited touch. The pendant portion of the necklace measures 9.4″ in length and 4″ in width.


BCBGMAXAZRIA Stone Fringe Earrings, $68. Available at BCBG.com


Laruicci Lovers Ring, $310. Available at Laruicci.MyShopify.com


Valentino Gold-Tone Crystal, Bead, and Feather Earrings. Available at Net-a-Porter.com


Alexis Bittar Jagged Brake Hinge Bracelet, $295. Available at Shopbop.com 




Tory Burch Semiprecious Stone Three-Finger Ring, $250. Available at Shop.Nordstrom.com


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