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A Call To Style — Check Out The Otterbox x Nina Garcia Phone Case Collection



If, like me, you’re a Clumsy Cathy (or a Teresa Torpe if you want to give the expression a little Spanish sass), then you’re likely acquainted with Otterbox, a brand that specializes in durable phone cases that can withstand not only daily wear and tear, but also those accidental drops and tumbles that come with being in the care of a Mrs. Butterfingers. Well, the brand’s Symmetry Series now incorporates two more fashion-forward cases, designed as part of a collaboration with Marie Claire magazine Creative Director and Project Runway judge Nina Garcia.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that Miss Nina’s comments on Project Runway tend to grate on my nerves — primarily, because she tends to favor very classic and prim designs rather than anything edgy, youthful, or risk-taking, and she always goes on an on about “taste” and “sophistication” which, in my mind, often simply translate to “boring.” All that being said, there’s no denying that the woman knows fashion and, if you read Marie Claire, you’ll often marvel at her monthly “picks.”

Given that our smartphones and tablets are increasingly becoming an extension of our beings, it’s only logical that we’d want them to convey our unique tastes and personalities. These Nina Garcia-designed Otterbox cases are stylish without being loud (lest we forget, Nina prizes demureness!), featuring funky graphic patterns that feel contemporary and fun but don’t necessarily scream for attention. If this sounds like your personal style, then these cases might be the perfect way for you to dial like a diva and text like a tastemaker by outfitting your phone with a chic new dress.

The two case designs in the collection are:  Under My Skin, which features reptilian scales in vibrant shades of teal, purple, and inky blue for a modern take on a classic snakeskin pattern; and Perfected Angle, comprised of rows of triangles (alternating between rows where the triangle apexes face upward and rows where they face downward), some of these incorporating photorealistic images of floral branches.

The cases — available for iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus, and Galaxy S5 — retail for $39.95 each at Otterbox.com and Best Buy stores.





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