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Fragrance Sweeps — Win A Bottle of the New Beyoncé Heat Kissed Eau de Parfum!


There’s a reason why Beyoncé’s new Heat Kissed fragrance is packaged inside a translucent red bottle that’s not fully transparent: the aromatic composition therein evokes passion and ardor, but there’s also a sense of mystery and intrigue to the aroma that serves to magnify its appeal. The latest addition to Beyoncé’s fragrance empire was inspired by an electrifying kiss, the type of lip-lock that’s fueled by an almost magnetic attraction, an all-consuming desire, and that’s so intensely pleasurable that it makes every nerve ending tingle, so engrossing that the world seems to become silent for the duration of that smooch.

The scent, then, opens with exotic tropical fruit notes — specifically, Dragonfruit, Ripe Mango, and Lychee — that give the composition a playful, coquettish energy and make the scent feel lively and exuberant. At its heart, meanwhile, Beyoncé’s Heat Kissed includes feminine floral notes of Moroccan Rose Oil, Jasmine Sambac (which itself has a fruity sweetness), and  Blazing Red Fury Orchid, a hybrid of two orchids  indigenous to South America. This orchid note is the crowning jewel of the fragrance, with its creamy, almost vanilla-tinged scent with plays beautifully with the fruity top notes and the powdery but slightly spicy kick of the rose note. As for the base notes, they consist of African Sandalwood, Vanilla, and Patchouli, all of which give the aromatic composition a sensual mystique.

Can’t wait to try the scent? Well, here’s your chance! As we count down the days until Beyoncé’s sure-to-be-epic performance during the Super Bowl Half Time Show (we already know Coldplay will be joining her, so we’re excited!), we’re offering one lucky reader the chance to win a bottle of the new Beyoncé Heat Kissed fragrance.

The sweepstakes ends on Tuesday, February 2nd at 11:59 p.m. EST and a winner will be announced here, in the comments section directly below this post, as well as on Twitter and Facebook on Wednesday, February 3rd.  The giveaway is limited to readers within the continental U.S. and you must be 18 or older to enter.

Now, here’s how to vie for the chance to win a Beyoncé Heat Kissed EDP:

1. Follow @sickathanavg on Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/sickathanavg

2. Like our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/sickathanavg

3. Once done, leave a comment below with the name of a Beyoncé song you’d like to see her perform during the Super Bowl. Make sure to include your Facebook name, Twitter handle, and e-mail address (so you can be contacted should you be selected as the winner) along with your comment.

4. To increase your chances of winning, tweet about the sweeps and include the title of the song you want to hear Bey perform. Here’s an example tweet: “Bey should perform “XOXO” at the #SuperBowl! @sickathanavg #STAheatkissed #sweeps” Every tweet will count as an additional entry, so the more you tweet, the better your chances!

Well, that’s it! Good luck! Can’t wait to hear your song selections!

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