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What’s The Scenario? — Ink & Taylor Scarves Tell Stories Of Journeys, People, and Places





Solid-colored pashminas, knitted wool scarves, faux fur stoles, and cashmere snoods may all have cozy textures that serve a welcome utilitarian purpose during blistering cold winter days, but there’s something so impersonal about pattern-free scarves or, for that matter, pieces with expected houndstooth, herringbone, striped, checkered, and polka dot prints. Fortunately, scarves come don’t have to be winter-only accessories — in fact, they can add an exhilarating visual pop to any spring, summer, or fall ensemble. Enter Ink & Taylor, a Los Angeles- and Portland-based brand that unites the worlds of photography and fashion, juxtaposing images of places and objects onto luxurious modal and silk scarves, thereby creating wearable pieces of art that celebrate the beauty of specific destinations.

Created by former college roommates K’era Morgan and Maya von Goldern, Ink & Taylor specializes in limited-edition scarves that celebrate fleeting moments or shed light on the often overlooked beauty of seemingly mundane objects and everyday sights. Take, for instance, the Ink & Taylor Recycle Scarf ($188 at InkandTaylor.com) shown above at top, which features an image taken in Tulum, Mexico, of empty glass bottles placed in rows and stacked carefully before being transferred to a nearby recycling facility (as shown directly below the scarf image). Made of 85% modal and 15% silk, the roomy, 72″-long scarf  looks like a beautiful swirl of blue shades when folded, twisted, looped, and wrapped but, when laid flat, it’s an ethereal canvas bearing a stunning image. This design is particularly indicative of the founders’ keen eye for beauty, of their ability to look at the orthodox in an unorthodox way, to find the extraordinary in the seemingly ordinary.

Similarly, the Ink & Taylor Hidden Garden Scarf ($188 at InkandTaylor.com), shown second from top, depicts a familiar destination in Portland, Oregon, but does so from an unexpected perspective. This particular scarf features an image of the teal-colored gate outside a garden, with rows of pink, balloon-like lamps visible through the gate’s intricate circular and heart-like shapes.

Since Ink & Taylor has headquarters in both Portland and SoCal, many of the designs immortalize both well-known hangouts and secret nooks within these locales but, again, the key is the way in which these are approached. The Ink & Taylor Grant Street Scarf ($188 at InkandTaylor.com), for instance, zooms in on the colorful paper lamps strung up above the streets of San Francisco’s Chinatown. Shown last above, along with an inset image of the photo that inspired its creation, the scarf showcases a multitude of spherical fuchsia and ecru lamps with gilded stripes and playful tassels, with brick buildings, street signs with Chinese calligraphy, and fire escapes visible in the background.

Just like they seek out the wonders within their home towns, Morgan and von Goldern use their travels as opportunities to soak in — and capture — all the visual treasures therein. Pictured third above, the Ink & Taylor Biciclette Scarf ($220 at InkandTaylor.com), a 52 square-inch piece, celebrates the whimsical spirit of a bright pink, single-speed bicycle spotted in Paris. Propped against a metal fence atop a concrete divider, the bicycle has a retro charm and a plucky vibe that, in and of itself, elicits a reaction from any looker-on — and that, of course, was what the designers hope their scarf would also accomplish.

The marvel of these scarves then, lies not only in the intrinsic beauty of the photographic scenes they showcase, but also in their power as storytelling tools. They are proof that a picture is, indeed, worth a thousand words. But what’s truly genial about these images is that they entice viewers to create their own narratives, to unleash their imaginations in order to make sense of these photographs, to respond in a visceral manner to the images before them. For me, for instance, the Ink & Taylor Recycle Scarf is fascinating because it reminds me that there is beauty everywhere — even among objects we use and discard without a thought.

These are only a handful of the Ink & Taylor design options available, so visit InkandTaylor.com to check out all the styles in the latest collections.

Can’t wait until the sub-zero temperatures subside and you can flaunt one of these numbers? Well, consider wearing your scarf in an unexpected way, such as twisting it and wearing it as a belt or wrapping it around the top handle of your favorite satchel to give the handbag a funky twist.

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