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Be “Professionally Good Looking” With the Kiehl’s + Zoolander No. 2 The Ridiculously Youthful Collection


Derek Zoolander may not have been an ambi-turner, but that didn’t stop him from becoming a pop culture icon or from opening the Derek Zoolander Center For People Who Kids Who Can’t Read Good. This month, to celebrate the release of Zoolander No. 2, Kiehl’s launched two limited-edition skincare kits featuring artwork from the film and named after catchphrases and quotable lines from the first film. The Kiehl’s + Zoolander No. 2 “Blue Kiehl” Men’s Collection should make every Average Joe feel like a mer-man since the boxed set includes such popular products as the Facial Fuel Energizing Moisture Treatment For Men, the Close-Shavers Squadron Ultimate Brushless Shave Cream White Eagle, and the Face Fuel Heavy Lifting Eye Repair. Lest we forget, “water is the essence of wetness and wetness is the essence of beauty!” Both women and men, meanwhile, can enjoy the Kiehl’s + Zoolander No. 2 The Ridiculously Youthful Collection ($26 at Kiehl’s stores and Kiehls.com).

Packaged in a box with bright yellow and orange lines that create an almost hypnotic effect (akin to the psychedelic visuals Mugatu played to the sounds of Duran Duran’s version of “Relax” while brainwashing Derek in the first flick), a black-and-white image of Derek Zoolander wearing head-to-toe leopard print (shirt, suit jacket, and tie!)  while flashing his poutiest face superimposed over the groovy background. The kit’s name, meanwhile, is a cheeky riff on Derek’s famous quote from the first movie: “I’m pretty sure that there’s more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good-looking. And I plan on finding out what that is.”

This particular kit also references a recurring theme in the sequel as Derek and Hansel grapple with the realities of aging and being seen as novelties from eras past thanks to the fashion industry’s obsession with youth. The items within the box, then, are meant to assuage some of Derek’s anxiety and, in turn, some of our own collective angst over not just growing older but actually looking it!

To that end, this collectible kit contains three anti-aging, moisturizing, radiance-boosting products — all in travel-ready sizes. First, there’s a 0.5 fl. oz. bottle of the Midnight Recovery Concentrate, a delightful nighttime treatment meant to revive and hydrate skin overnight thanks to a blend of evening primrose oil, coriander seed oil, cucumber fruit extract,jojoba seed oil, rose oil, squalane (a vegetable lipid), lavender oil, sunflower seed oil, turmeric root extract, and jasmine extract. To keep skin looking perky and vibrant all day long (even at the 4 p.m. hour, when our skin cells seem to drag as much as we do and our complexions look a bit more lackluster), the kit includes a 4ml bottle of the Daily Reviving Concentrate, an easily absorbed and lightweight facial oil that corrects the signs of skin fatigue thanks to a blend of brightening, firming, and plumping ingredients like ginger root extract, sunflower oil, orange peel oil, coriander oil, grapefruit peel oil, and acerola fruit extract. And, to moisturize the skin, smooth any fine lines and wrinkles, minimize the appearance of pores, soothe any existing inflammation, help skin reach its optimal moisture levels, and generally give skin a bit of CPR, the kit includes a 7 ml jar of the Super Multi-Corrective Cream, a rich but non-greasy facial moisturizer formulated with shea butter, hyaluronic acid, lavender oil, cucumber extract, rose flower oil, jasmine extract, turmeric root extract, and rosemary seed oil.

Yes, there’s more to life than being ridiculously youthful-looking, but we intend on embarking upon these philosophical and existential quests while also enjoying absurdly attractive skin. After all, there’s no rule saying you can’t do both!

Revitalize, moisturize and replenish skin with Kiehl’s anti-aging treatments, packaged in limited edition Zoolander 2 artwork.

  • Daily Reviving Concentrate (4 ml): a revitalizing blend of naturally derived oils that strengthens skin’s defenses against aggressors to keep skin youthful and radiant-looking all day.
  • Super Multi Corrective Cream (7 ml): a multi-targeted anti-aging moisturizer that visibly lifts, firms, and retexturizes skin.
  • Midnight Recovery Concentrate (15 ml): a natural replenishing elixir of pure botanical oils that provides vital nutrients to skin to enhance skin’s nighttime recovery.
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