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Cheeky Nail Art At Rachel Antonoff FW16






The Rachel Antonoff FW16 collection was inspired by the spunky working women portrayed in film — from Melanie Griffith’s turn as an ambitious secretary with a ruthless, idea-stealing boss in Working Girl to Diane Keaton’s portrayal of a career-driven management consultant who leaves her fast-paced life after becoming the guardian to a deceased cousin’s infant child and reinvents herself as a mompreneur in Baby Boom. To complement the colorful, retro-tinged, clothing, replete with printed blouses, frocks with embroidered Peter Pan collars, shift dresses, and sharp trousers, which Antonoff presented by staging an impromptu musical rather than a traditional runway show, manicurist Miss Pop for Kiss Products, Inc. created five distinct nail art looks — each as jazzy and playful as the next.

Perhaps the most subdued look was the one shown above, at top, a gridded design with a white tip that nodded to some of the windowpane fabrics in the collection. To create the look, Miss Pop started by using the KISS 100-Count Active Oval Nails, finding the right size for each fingernail, then placing the nails atop double-sided tape so as to easily create the nail art atop a flat surface. Next, she painted each nail with two coats of KISS Gel Strong Polish in Secret Pearl to give them a bit of sheer coverage. Once these base coats were dry, she drew a horizontal line through the middle of each nail using the KISS Nail Artist Paint in White, filling the top half of each nail with the white color to create an exaggerated tip. Next, she drew three evenly spaced vertical lines from the cuticle bed to the base of the white tip. She then followed by drawing two or three evenly spaced horizontal lines across the lower half of the nail to create a gridded effect. Once the polish was set, she sealed the look with a top coat.

One of the more playful looks involved a red lip design (as shown in the third and fourth photos above). To create the look, Miss Pop relied on either the imPRESS Manicure Oval set in Lighten Up, to create a white base, or imPRESS Gel Manicure in So, So Stellar for a mauve base. Once she selected the accurate press-on nail for each finger, she placed them on a strip of tape for greater convenience while designing. She then used a thin brush from the KISS Salon Secret Nail Art Tool Kit, dipping it into the KISS Strong Gel Polish in Bloody Lips, a cherry red hue. With the thin brush, she painted a red mouth at the bottom left side of each nail, making sure the lips appeared plump and vibrant. Next, using the KISS Nail Artist Paint in Black, she created a bowed line in the center of the lips, waiting until the design dried. She then painted a black French tip on each nail.  She finished with a clear top coat.

The “Lipstick Tester” design, shown last above, was also a highlight. To complement the crayon-like scribble print on some of Antonoff’s clothes, Miss Pop created a dynamic, stroke-heavy nail art design. She started with the imPRESS Manicure Oval in Lighten Up, selecting the correct size and, again, lining these faux nails atop double-sided tape. Setting the nails to the side, she reached for a plastic dish and poured out some of the KISS Gel Strong Polish in Vampire. Using the thin brush in the KISS Salon Secrets Nail Art Tool Kit, she dipped the bristles into the Vampire polish pool and began to draw three quick and strokes atop each nail to form a scribble-like design. She repeated this step with the Bloody Lips and Dorothy polish shades to create a cluster of red and pink doodles. Once the art dried, she sealed the look with a clear top coat.

Last, Miss Pop created a pink color-blocked look. She started with the imPress Manciure Oval in Lighten Up, then created two triangular sections atop each nail by painting a diagonal stroke along each nail using the KISS Gel Strong Polish in Dorothy, a bold magenta hue, and painting the top half of each nail in this shade. Once the polish dried, she created a French tip suing the KISS Gel Strong Polish in Vampire, a deep red hue. When dry, she sealed the look with a clear top coat.

These working girls were working it!





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