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The NARS Spring 2016 Collection Is No Ordinary Spring Fling!


We’re all counting down the days until summer, which technically kicks off on June 20th, but I’ve got a bit of spring makeup business to handle before we move on to the steamy weather goodness. The business on the docket: the NARS Spring 2016 collection, a nine-piece assortment of cosmetics ranging from nude lip glosses to a versatile camel and copper eyeshadow duo, and a range of exquisitely textured single eye shadows in aquatic tones. There’s no specific theme to the collection but, rather, it seems to explore subtle, minimalist, and carnal tones with only a few pops of boldly intense color.

So let’s take  a closer look at all the goodies in the collection!

First, we have the two glosses:


The two new NARS Lip Gloss ($26 each at NARScosmetics.com) shades introduced for Spring 2016 are Vida Loca, described as a pink guava shade, and Instant Crash, described as a soft shimmering apricot.  I think the pink guava comparison is pretty fitting for the Vida Loca gloss, which has a sheer finish and is devoid of sparkle and shimmer, making it look really subtle on lips. I wouldn’t, however, describe Instant Crash as a shimmering apricot — it’s more of a golden sand color (and I mean this literally and not as a reference to a paint color or Pantone hue) with just a hit of peach.

Take a look at swatches of the two shades below:


Again, they’re both very demure, but one has a lot of shimmer whereas the other doesn’t and, clearly, one has stronger pink tones but both are warm shades that feel radiant and sunkissed.

Next, we have two lipstick shades:


The two new shades launched for Spring 2016 are Rosecliff, described as a soft rose color, and Banned Red, billed as a mulled wine color. I find that Rosecliff is, in fact, a pink rose shade that verges on a light mauve, but it has some golden undertones to it while retaining its overall cool temperature and that small detail makes the color feel fresher. Banned Red, meanwhile, manifests itself as a near-brick red, not quite a terracotta color but definitely an earthier red, more on the marsala end than on the cherry one. Both lipsticks, meanwhile, have a satin finish.

Check out swatches of the two new lipstick shades below:



I love the Rosecliff shade, but I’m not too crazy about the Banned Red lipstick — it feels a bit too sheer, and the tonality of this particular red doesn’t suit by coloring one bit. I’m sure the shade would look lovely on many women, but I’m simply not among that group.

Moving on to the next offering in the NARS Spring 2016 collection, we have a new blush hue: Impassioned.


The NARS Impassioned Blush ($30 at NARScosmetics.com) is a pink orchid color, a very soft peony pink with lavender undertones, but what makes it really distinct is that it has a matte finish so that, when applied on the skin, it looks like you’re a bit flushed. The absence of shimmer and sparkle makes it more subtle and believable, perfect for “no-makeup” makeup looks.

Check out this swatch:


It’s the kind of shade you can also use as an eyeshadow since it has a velvety and powdery texture that’s easy to brush onto skin and blend as desired.

Speaking of eye shadows, those are definitely the “wow” parts of this collection so let’s dive in!

First, the collection incorporates one new eyeshadow pairing: the NARS Hammamet Duo Eyeshadow ($35 at NARScosmetics.com)


This may not be the most attention-grabbing eyeshadow pairing, but it is one of the most versatile, practical, and sensible. None of those descriptors may sound particularly sexy — “practical” and
“sensible” aren’t exactly the stuff of torrid romances — but never estimate the power of basics, of neutrals. After all, they’re the building block for any makeup look!

The Hammamet Duo Eyeshadow offers two neutral shades that complement each other but which can also play well alongside almost any other eye shadow in your makeup bag. One shade is a matte beige while the other is a bronzed rose hue.

Check out swatches below:


The beige shade is almost a cross between a French vanilla hue and a camel color, which I personally love since it has more personality than your standard nude beige. The accompanying shade, meanwhile, is a real spark plug with its all-over shimmer and its rose-gold-meets-bronze coloring. The combination seems incredibly fitting for a palette named after a beach town in Tunisia.

But that’s not all! The collection also includes three new NARS Dual-Intensity Eyeshadows ($29 each at NARScosmetics.com) — Tarvos, Kari and Cressida — that add a splash of intrepid color to the otherwise subdued palette. Check out these three wonders below:


In love yet? Well, wait until you see the swatches! These Dual-Intensity Eye Shadows are richly pigmented and have a luxuriously smooth texture, plus they can be applied dry or wet (using a damp brush to build the depth of color and create more drama). The trio includes one fairly neutral shade: Kari, a soft rose pink that’s almost the eye shadow translation of the Rosecliff lipstick shade. This hue is accompanied by two cool and almost aquatic tones: Cressida, a blackened midnight blue shade with silvery sapphire shimmer, and Tarvos, an icy mint color with a scarab-like, transformative opalescence.

Check out swatches of all three shades:



For me, the eye shadows in the collection are the biggest draw — especially Tarvos and Cressida but also, as previously mentioned, the Hammamet Duo Eyeshadow. The lip glosses, while pretty in their own right, aren’t necessarily must-haves, but I do think the Rosecliff Lipstick is a great investment.

Next, check out some photos where I’m wearing the products mentioned! First, here’s a pic in which I’m wearing the NARS Rosecliff lipstick shade and the NARS Tarvos Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow.



Next, check out some pics in which I’m wearing the Kari Dual-Intensity Eye Shadow, the Impassioned Blush, and the Rosecliff Lipstick:


Here’s a shot of me wearing the Cressida Dual-Intensity Eye Shadow and the Vida Loca gloss layered over the Rosecliff lipstick:


And last, but not least, here’s a pic in which I’m wearing the NARS Hammamet Duo Eyeshadow. I actually applied the beige shade in the duo all over my lids, up to the brow bone area, then applied a light coat of the Kari Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow to my lower eye lids and then layered the bronze shade in the Hammamet duo above the rosy Kari shade. Take a look:




As you can see, the eye shadows in the Spring 2016 collection are really versatile and they’ll transition perfectly into the summer season, so there’s no need for them to be a spring-only affair. Make sure to pick up your fave products at NARScosmetics.com or Sephora stores!

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