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Clarins Enchants With Its Limited Edition “Tender Moments” Makeup Collection


Think about the physical manifestations of infatuation: that light skip to your step, the flushed tone your cheeks develop when you catch your beloved glancing at you, how the corners of your mouth instantly turn upwards when you hear his voice or smell his cologne, how you can’t help but bite your bottom lip or rub your lips together when you imagine his kiss… That crazy little thing called love, how it seems to make your eyes twinkle a bit brighter and your cheeks look rosier, informs the new Clarins Tender Moments makeup collection, which hit Clarins counters and Clarins.com just in time for Valentine’s Day.

The collection centers around the new Clarins Limited Edition Skin Illusion Blush (, a powder cheek color enriched with plant extracts that boast skin soothing properties — among them Asparagopsis armata extract, derived from red seaweed, which stimulates cell skin growth and respiration and which helps to enhance the skin’s natural defense system; acacia senegal gum extract, which holds moisture and hence hydrates and calms the complexion; camellia sinensis leaf extract (or green tea extract), which has antioxidant benefits and anti-aging properties; and corn starch, which can absorb excess oil and give the skin a more matte finish. Each Skin Illusion Blush also contains pink opal powder so as to reflect oncoming light and give cheeks a natural-looking radiance.

Aside from three shades of the Clarins Skin Illusion Blush, the collection contains the Clarins Limited Edition Daily Energizer Lovely Lip Balm ($20 at Clarins counters and Clarins.com), a sheer conditioner that reacts to the pH of your lips and produces a unique shade of pink to flatter your unique coloring.

The packaging of these products is enough to make you swoon, but wait ’til you see some swatches and read more about each of these charming cosmetics!



The Clarins Limited Edition Skin Illusion Blush ($21.50 at Clarins counters and Clarins.com) comes in three shades: 01 Luminous Pink, 02 Luminous Coral, and 03 Golden Havana. Each blush is cleverly packaged so that one side of each compact jar contains a built-in powder puff and the other side contains the blush pan. The upper half of the jar, meanwhile, features a flat round surface that doubles as a mirror, so you can always touch up your blush while on the go. And did I mention that the circumference of this reflective top half is adorned with whimsical red hearts? Color me smitten!

Here, check out the 01 Luminous Pink shade:



Now, here’s what the blush looks like IRL — as you’ll see, the powder puff easily picks up the pigments without leaving behind any dusty specks (as tends to happen with brushes in traditional blush compacts).


Next, check out a swatch of this pretty, soft, warm pink shade, which reminds me of the soft color inside a sea conch



Next, here’s the 02 Luminous Coral color:


Here’s what that blush looks like when you see it up close:


Like the 01 Luminous Pink hue, the 02 Luminous Coral blush is very subtle and gives cheeks a believable touch of color.  It’s a warmer shade that reminds me of a desert sunset — it’s got more orange undertones than a salmon or honeysuckle pink, so that it’s more of a sweet apricot or powdered peach hue. Check it out:



Check out these pictures of me wearing the 02 Luminous Coral hue. As you’ll see, the effect is really delicate!


Next, check out another instance in which I’m wearing the same shade, but I built up the intensity a bit more:


Last, check out the 03 Golden Havana shade:


Here’s how this blush looks like when you open it. You might notice that, aside from being a deeper and earthier shade, the blush also contains more sparkle.


Next, check out a swatch of the 03 Golden Havana shade, which is a pretty bronze-y color some purplish undertones that might remind you of ripe figs or the fleshy insides of a juicy guava. As for the shimmer, it’s actually way more subdued when applied to the skin. Check it out:



All the colors are gorgeous and you can apply them easily thanks to the built-in powder puff, just dabbing the puff onto your face gently until you blend as thoroughly as you desire and build the hue’s intensity as much or as little as you please!



Like the Skin Illusion Blush, the Clarins Limited Edition Daily Energizer Lovely Lip Balm ($20 at Clarins counters and Clarins.com) comes in a dreamy tube. The product’s cap is even adorned with lip prints and features the word “Kiss” in whimsical lettering. As soon as I uncapped this lipstick-shaped balm, I detected a delicious tropical scent that reminded me of juicy mangos. While I didn’t spot any mango butter within the ingredient list, this balm does feature some fantastically replenishing and hydrating botanical ingredients such as fatty acid-rich cocoa and shea butters, sunflower seed oil (an excellent source of vitamin E), red currant extract (which is rich in iron and helps to regulate the skin’s sebum production).

The lip balm will soothe and moisturize lips, but it will also deliver an alluring sheen and a custom-made shade of translucent pink that’s the direct result of how the formula reacts with your lips’ pH. Here’s what the shade looks like on my skin:


When on my lips, the pink color is even more subtle, so that it’s perfect for any no-makeup makeup look. I also appreciate that the balm is shaped like a traditional lipstick bullet so that it allows for a more precise application than any tinted balm with a completely flat surface.


This collection will totally make you remember that giddy elation you experience when falling in love — and, in the process, it will woo its way into your vanity!

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