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Sock It Up With The New Sanrio x STANCE Collection




When was the last time you felt genuine excitement over a sock purchase? Can you even remember? Somewhere along the line, when we grow out of our toddler-sized socks with cartoon-y animal faces, out of the Minnie Mouse-emblazoned socks of our elementary school years, all the fun and whimsy seems to vanish from the sock world. All of a sudden, we’re left with solid-colored socks in a variety of lengths and with wimpy decorative details — perhaps some stripes or muted polka dots. As an adult, buying new socks can feel like a dreaded task — not quite as painful as, say, mowing the lawn or filing one’s taxes, but about as enjoyable as washing dishes or taking out the trash.  That’s why STANCE decided to revolutionize the way men and women think about socks, to reinvent these primarily utilitarian accessories and position them as a means for individual expression. When you wear a pair of STANCE socks, you feel as giddy as a five-year-old kicking off her Velcro sneakers in the car and wiggling her toes while staring at her feet in fascination.

Now, STANCE has collaborated with Sanrio on a limited-edition collection of socks for kids and adults alike featuring such beloved characters as Hello Kitty and Keroppi. The women’s STANCE x Sanrio casual sock collection is comprised of four styles, shown above at top. Three of the four sock designs feature a beloved Sanrio character in bright and vivid colors: Hello Kitty in a pink shirt and red overalls; mischievous penguin Badtz-Maru bearing one of his signature eye expressions, connoting his annoyance; and adorable frog Keroppi in his trademark white-and-red striped jumper and black bow tie. The final design in the women’s casual sock collection, dubbed “Bows,” is the most understated in the lot, referencing Hello Kitty by featuring an off-center, slightly tilted bow outline in black against a white backdrop. Each of the STANCE x Sanrio Casual Socks retails for $20 at STANCE.com and Sanrio.com.

The collection also includes two styles designed for a more athletic lifestyle, one an ankle-high design with a reinforced toe and heel, left and right arch support, and a breathable mesh construction, and the other a crew-length sock also boasting the very same performance features. Both socks come in a gray hue and feature very subtle nods to Hello Kitty — chiefly, her face outlined in a lighter gray shade and her trademark red bow adding a splash of color to the otherwise muted design.

While the performance-minded socks are cute, the casual lifestyle designs are the beating heart of the STANCE x Sanrio collection: quirky, imaginative, and joyful. They’re the kind of socks that say, “Just because I’m a grown-up doesn’t mean I have to let go of my childlike imagination or my capacity for glee.” Want a pair? Check ’em out at STANCE.com

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