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The End Game — New bhave Fresh Ends Gives Damaged Locks A New Beginning


Remember how Austin Powers would flash a toothy grin and mutter, “Oh behave!” whenever a foxy lady was saying something he gathered to be flirtatious and provocative? Well, once you start using the bhave Fresh Ends ($25 .50 at bhave.us) split ends treatment, you might find yourself staring at your shagadelic mane in the mirror, doing a saucy hair flip, and purring, “Oh behave!” to your own reflection. In other words, you’ll feel like you’ve gotten your hair mojo back. After all, straw-liked frayed ends are hardly a confidence booster!

Admittedly, I tend to roll my eyes when I hear of products designed to “repair split ends” since, nine times out of ten, they simply smooth those split ends, disguising rather than solving the problem. I always think these sorts of product names are misleading and that perhaps they should be touted as “controlling” or “smoothing” split ends rather than “repairing” them. The bhave Fresh Ends product, however, is in a class all its own since, at least on some level, it actually does repair frayed strands. Granted: split ends are a bit like a run in your panty hose in that, once the damage has been done, there’s no turning back. But, much like with a panty hose tear, you can temporarily mend the damage and prevent it from worsening. In the case of panty hose, you might use some clear nail polish (my go-to hack) to conceal the rip and prevent it from growing any bigger. When it comes to split ends, you can use the bhave Fresh Ends and tame those unruly ends while preventing further damage to your strands.

Free of parabens, sulphates, and sodium chloride, this lightweight, lotion-like cream contains keratin proteins naturally extracted from the wool of sheep in New Zealand. Before you cringe, know that no animals are harmed during this process — in fact, the keratin is extracted from the wool left behind after the sheep’s annual shearing. In this regard, it’s much like lanolin, which I’ve raved about in the past when reviewing the Lano Lips 101 Ointment.  Extracting keratin from sheep’s wool is actually the most ethical way to source keratin. Given that plants don’t produce keratin, it has to be extracted from an animal source. Believe it or not, other companies extract keratin from horse hooves, chicken feathers, and fish scales, and let’s just say their methods are so bone-chillingly cruel that the brands have little chance of ever landing on PETA’s nice list. So before you shudder at the thought of wool-derived keratin, remember that it’s a cruelty-free substance. Also, wool-derived keratin is the most effective in terms of strengthening human hair since its molecular structure mimics that of the keratin naturally found in our strands. The keratin in bhave Fresh Ends, then, works to fill in the gaps in porous hair strands, thereby rebuilding their initial structure and preventing frizz and breakage.

Other ingredients include: certified organic argan oil, which smooths rebellious ends; peptides derived from carob seeds, which continuously repair strands; macadamia nut seed oil, which penetrates deep inside the hair shaft and contains fatty acids that nourish and hydrate strands, without making hair feel heavy or greasy; vitamin E, which protects the hair against free radicals and prevents color from fading; aloe leaf gel, which conditions strands; and evening primrose oil, which contains essential omega-6 fatty acid (or GLA), a substance known to prevent hair loss.

In practice, this product is sensational. Whether you’re wearing your hair down, in a high ponytail, or in a side braid, you don’t have to worry about your ends looking like frayed broom bristles. Also, it’s designed to be applied on dry ends, which makes it a lifesaver since you can apply as needed on the second and third day after a blow-out, keeping your look controlled and sleek — without, of course, sacrificing movement, bounciness, or softness. I’m always perplexed when smoothing, frizz-taming, and sealing products are designed to be used on towel-dried hair since that essentially leaves women with little protection on those days when they don’t wash their hair (and daily shampoos are hardly conducive to hair health!). The bhave Fresh Ends, then, is actually designed to address the needs of real women who want healthier strands and need a bit of an assist.

Not only have I been pleased with how it smooths and tames my ends, but I’ve been amazed by how much this product has safeguarded my hair against any further damage. I went to the salon for a trim two weeks ago and braced myself for a lecture from my stylist about the need to cut my hair on a more frequent basis — especially given that my hair is massively color-treated. Admittedly, about 8 months had passed since my last cut, so I deserved any scolding coming my way. To my surprise, however, she said my ends were in pretty solid condition, and she wound up trimming less than an inch off. I was so shocked that I kept asking, “Are you sure? It’s okay if we need to cut off more! I just want my hair to be healthy!” Imagine that: me doubting that my hair could be healthier than usual.

Needless to say, Im all about bhave-iorial therapy!


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