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Making The Case — caseable’s Made-To-Order Smartphone Cases Are Stunning Traveling Art







Perhaps this scenario will feel familiar: you splurge on a Tory Burch, Kate Spade, Moschino, or Fendi case for your beloved iPhone, and you’re feeling like the ultimate #styleboss — that is, until you’re at a party, work meeting, or in the elevator and someone whips out their mobile, which is housed in the exact same case. So much for personalization, right? You’d wanted a case that would protect your device but which, moreover, reflected your personality and aesthetic, so you’re not exactly delighted to discover that it’s quickly becoming as ubiquitous as those baroque Prada sunglasses and Fenty Puma faux fur slides. If you want to separate yourself from the fray, then, forget designer labels and, instead, look for a quality case that’s a true work of art, one that’s as much a work of art as the paintings on your walls. In other words, browse through the expansive selection of designs at caseable.com or use their handy customization tool to upload your own images, drawings, and graphic designs and have them transformed into the tech accessory of your choosing.

All of caseable’s products — from laptop sleeves and tablet cases to mobile pouches, flip cases, and hard cases — are made to order in Brooklyn and Berlin, the brand’s two home bases. Because each case is made to order (meaning it’s only produced after an order is placed), caseable can ensure that your design stays true to your artistic vision. Moreover, this business model ensures that the manufacturing process maintains a low carbon footprint — a priority for the eco-friendly brand, which also incorporates recycled materials into its products whenever possible. Using a heat sublimation process to produce high resolution prints, the caseable team manages to lock the colors of any image or design deep inside the material onto which it is printed. Not only do the hues appear vivid and the designs crisp, but they don’t fade due to wear or water exposure. In other words, these are some touch mama jamas!

But what I love the most about caseable is that it seeks out artists from all over the globe, presenting their designs to the world while giving these innovators a different vehicle through which to showcase their work. After all, in our tech-driven world, laptop sleeves and mobile cases are as much a form of wearable art as graphic tees and printed dresses. When I first visited caseable.com, I was captivated by Mark Ashkenazi’s “Birds of Paradise” Smartphone Hard Case ($24.90 at caseable.com), pictured third above, since it celebrated the beautiful colors of one of my all-time favorite flowers and created this enchanting tropical landscape that I found enticing and joyous.  Then, my gaze fell upon Kate Powell’s “Butterfly Effect” design, shown next to last above, and my jaw dropped. As many of you know, I’ve been obsessed with butterflies for as long as I can remember and have six butterfly tattoos in various parts of my body, each representing a different moment or stage in my life that led to a transformation or breakthrough. Powell’s design, shows as a Smartphone Pouch above ($27.90 at caseable.com) but also available as a flip case or hard shell case, captures the magic of butterflies by showcasing these fluttering creatures in rich and saturated colors over a black-and-white sketch of a woman’s bare back, making the butterflies the focal point of the design but also exploring the connection between humans and nature.

Then, while perusing through the various design offerings, I stumbled upon Susana Paz’s “Cactus Love and Pineapples” design, showcased above at top, and I couldn’t help but smile. Whereas the aforementioned designs have more gravitas, Paz’s illustration exuded a sense of whimsy and mischief. This simple design relies on bright colors and tiny details to create these effects: how the seeds on the strawberries and the markings on the pineapples resemble the needles on the cactuses, how the strawberries are shaped like hearts, and how the pineapples have slightly amorphous shapes that lend them a cartoonish feel.  My iPhone 6 is currently housed in the Susana Paz “Cactus Love and Pineapples” Flip Case ($29.90 at caseable.com), which I adore because it features small inside pockets in which I can store a credit card, driver’s license, and cash, making it perfect for when I’m headed to the gym and don’t want to lug along a wallet. The built-in hard case, meanwhile, keeps my device secure, and the magnetic front strap keeps the case closed whenever I need it to protect the or conceal the screen (no more accidental dialing!).

These, of course, are just a handful of design options, but there’s quite an impressive assortment of artwork — from graphic designs by Scandinavian artist Mareike Böhmet incorporating clean lines and simple geometric shapes to the saucy, girl power-fueled, sassy statement-themed designs of Cat Coquillette; Terry Fan’s steampunk-dipped, surrealistic works, which have an old time-y feel but reference contemporary pop culture phenomena; and Federica Masini’s portraits of musical icons, all of which have a street art feel.

Next time I need a phone case (or just want to give my device a new party dress), I’m purchasing a flip case from caseable.com. Considering the affordable prices, top-notch quality, unique artwork, and constant design additions, making the case for caseable.com is a pretty simple endeavor!


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