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Ever Blazin’ Love For The New Urban Decay Naked Heat Collection


Think of all the things you associate with heat: fire, sunshine, cayenne peppers, chili, lava, molten gold and bronze, Sriracha sauce, furnaces, solar flares… Now, imagine an entire palette that’s grounded in neutral shades — sandy beiges, light taupe hues, rich chocolate-y browns, and so on — but then spiced up with fiery hints of red and copper. The Urban Decay Naked Heat eyeshadow palette, then, is the makeup equivalent of a cayenne chocolate bar — it takes something familiar and crave-worthy, then gives it an unexpected kick to make it truly unforgettable. And, unlike the previous Naked eyeshadow sets, there’s something a bit naughty about the Naked Heat palette, a mischievous and risqué energy that makes it feel delightfully sinful.

And while the eyeshadow palette is the headliner of the Urban Decay Naked Heat Collection, the opening acts are just as remarkable. Take, for instance, the three Vice lipstick shades in the collection, which seem to explore different notions of lust and desire, or the two 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil shades, which defy all notions of what constitutes a brown liner.

Below, we’ll show you the whole collection, plus swatches and sample looks created with these products. Is it me or is it getting hot in here?



We all think of red as an ardent color so it’s only fitting that the Urban Decay Naked Heat collection contain one such lipstick shade: Heat, a burnt scarlet red with a metallic finish and plenty of gold pearls to give it an incandescent feel. The other two shades, meanwhile, explore different aspects of carnal desire. The Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Scorched is a metallic copper hue with copper and gold shimmer, and the Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Fuel is a fleshy, sensual, warm peach-y nude with a delightfully creamy texture. The three limited-edition Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks retail for $17 each at UrbanDecay.com, ULTA stores, and Sephora stores.

In true Urban Decay tradition, these lipsticks deliver top-notch pigment pay-off and they glide onto lips smoothly, never dragging or tugging at your skin. Moreover, the contain softening ingredients like aloe vera, jojoba oil, avocado oil, and babassu oil, as well as moisturizing illipe butter and vitamins C and E to offer antioxidant protection.

Below, check out swatches of all three lipstick shades:



Next, check out pictures of me happily rocking the Urban Decay Vice lipstick in Heat. As you’ll notice in the photos, it’s a robust red hue, but the abundance of gold pearls in the formula make it feel both opulent and risqué. It would be easy for the red-and-gold combination to veer into velvet Louis IX armchair territory (or Christmas ornament land, for that matter), but here it feels neither costume-y nor season-specific. If anything, it feels high fashion and audacious, at once cheeky and chic.



Next, here are some pics in which I’m wearing the Scorched lipstick shade, a copper color that almost looks like molten metal on lips — it reminds me of how Minx looked on nails in that it has that same chrome-like sheen and  it creates the appearance of fluidity, as if it has been poured atop the lips.



Last, check out some pics of me wearing the Fuel lipstick, a cream color that strikes the perfect balance between peach and nude. Most nude lipsticks completely wash me out, essentially erasing my lips altogether, but the peachy tones in this lippy are just enough to give my complexion some vivacity. It’s also creamy in a way that’s beyond alluring — you literally just want to apply it because it feels so yummy on your pout.







Imagine taking one of the Urban Decay Naked palettes, opening it to reveal its contents, and placing it under a lamp with a red party lightbulb. That’s kind of the mood set by the UD Naked Heat palette — except that, unlike those mood-setting red lightbulbs, there’s nothing about this sultry masterpiece that feels like it belongs in a college dorm room. If the Naked Smoky palette was smoldering and mysterious, the Urban Decay Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette ($54 at UrbanDecay.com, ULTA stores, and Sephora stores) exudes unapologetic lustfulness, feverish sensuality, and spicy confidence. It’s T-Boz in TLC’s “Red Light Special” video, Beyoncé’s nude silhouette slithering atop a chaise in the “Partition” video, Sharon Stone crossing and uncrossing her legs in Basic Instinct. There’s a sense of mischief to these amber-soaked nude shades, a tropical heat, a fiery spirit.

Below, check out all 12 shades in the palette, starting with Ounce, Chaser, and Sauced, the lightest shadows in the spectrum. All three of these shadows have a velvety texture but while both Chaser and Sauced have a matte finish, Ounce has a hint of shimmer. As you can see, Ounce is an ivory pearl color with just a touch of an almond tone, while Chaser is a light, sandy nude shade, and Sauced is a soft, almost dusty terra cotta brown.



The next three shades really start turning things up a notch! First, we have He Devil, a burnt red hue that reminds me of the lustrous coat of a Chestnut quarter horse, but which features a matte finish. Next, we have Lumbre, one of my favorite shades in the palette, a shimmering copper shade with coral red tones and tons of gold pearl shift. And moving back into brown territory, we have Low Blow, a matte medium brown color.



The next three shades will give you fever (to borrow Peggy Lee’s lyrics). First, we have Dirty Talk, billed as a metallic burnt red (though I’d argue that it veers into copper territory, reminding me of red desert clay) . Next, we have Scorched, another one of my favorite shades, a deep metallic, bronze-y copper shade built on a darker red base and then saturated with gold shimmer. There’s something otherworldly about this shade — in fact, it reminds me of photographs I’ve seen of the planetary nebulae in the Carina constellation. Last, we have Cayenne, a terra cotta brown that’s slightly deeper than He Devil and a bit more firmly grounded in the brown spectrum (as opposed to the red territory).



The final three shades, meanwhile, are the darkest of the lot. There’s En Fuego, a matte burgundy brow, followed by Ashes, a blackened reddish brown with a matte finish and just a hint of red pearls; and then Ember, a metallic shade that weds deep burgundy and copper hues.



Hints of amber, scarlet, crimson, burgundy, and copper all surface in this palette, so that calling it red-hot is hardly hyperbolic!

Next, check out a few looks created with these shadows!

Here’s a look created using the Lumbre, Cayenne, and En Fuego shadows:



It’s a fairly simple look: I started by applying the Lumbre shadow all over my lower lid, then swept the Cayenne shade all along the crease area, then again layered a bit more of the Lumbre shadow to make it really pop and to create a nice blend between the two shades. To accentuate the shape of my eyes, meanwhile, I worked the En Fuego color into the outer corners of my eyes and diffused the shade to create a slightly feline shape. I then lined my eyes using the Urban Decay 24/7Glide-On Eye Pencil in Alkaline (also part of this collection), filled in my brows, applied some mascara, and done!

Here’s another look created with the palette. This time, I created a look using the Scorched eyeshadow, layering it atop the Alkaline Eye Pencil, and I applied the Ember shade along the outer third of the eye, focusing on the outer corners.



As you can see, these eyeshadows are richly pigmented, and so decadent and lovely!



If the eye shadow palette was your makeup entree, consider these two eye pencils your nightcap — the perfect (and sexiest) way to end a dinner date. These brand new Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil shades ($20 each at UrbanDecay.com, ULTA stores, and Sephora stores) work beautifully with the eye shadows in the Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette.  The Alkaline liner is absolute perfection — a deep wine color that’s full-bodied and intriguing, and which is a great alternative to your basic brown or black liner. It pair nicely with all of the shades in the Naked Heat palette, but it’s also a great accompaniment to those lilac, lavender, purple, plum, gray, and silver shadows in your arsenal. The Torch eye pencil, meanwhile, is a classic sienna color — it’s the kind of shade you might find when shopping for lip liner but which you rarely find in the eye pencil area (which makes UD so clever for switching things up!.

Check out swatches below:




Here’s a closer look at how the Alkaline eye pencil looks on lids:


Well, gals, that’s all the hotness in store for today! This collection is clearly lit, so go scoop up your favorite goodies and start turning up the temperature with your makeup mastery.

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