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Sang A’s Chair Earring Redefines The Expression Sitting Pretty”




Forget the Iron Throne or any plush armchair within the first row of a Broadway theater’s Mezzanine area — the best and most coveted seat, at least for fashionistas, isn’t actually designed to accommodate any derrieres.  The most stylish chair of the season is, in fact, an earring by New York-based, South Korean designer Sang A Im-Propp, who first made a splash with her eponymous collection of handbags back in 2006 and who in, 2017, continued expanding her accessories empire with the launch of a new jewelry line.

Sold as a single piece (because, really, who decided earrings need to come in pairs or that they need to match?), the Sang A Chair Earring ($283 at SangA.com) draws inspiration from the high-backed, intricately carved, wooden, straight-lined, cathedral chairs popularized during the 11th and 12th centuries, then dabbles with the opulence exuded by the ornate chairs of the Elizabethan era. The result is a refreshingly novel version of a threader earring, so that the metal piece constituting the chair’s “back” shoots upward in a perfect vertical line, then makes a sharp horizontal turn at a 90-degree angle before zooming down again in a plummeting vertical line. The back of the chair earring, then, hangs behind the earlobe, which is part of what makes the piece feel so sculptural. If this earring had been conceptualized as a clip-on piece, for instance, it would’ve had less movement and felt like more of an artifice. As a threader earring, however, there’s an organic quality to the design: the earlobe feels like part of the stage setting as opposed to a distraction, and there’s no clear separation between the body and the ornament which is fascinating in and of itself.

Made of gold-filled wire and featuring a brass plate as the chair seat, the earring measures 0.6″ in width, 2.2″ in height, and 0.5″ in depth. With its sleek lines and minimalist but striking form, this earring will let everyone know that you demand a seat at the fashion tastemakers’ table.




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