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The LORAC Disney Beauty and the Beast Collection Is A Belle Surprise!


Back in 1991, a 16-year-old boy who bore a slight resemblance to Ricky Martin took his wide-eyed little sister to the movies to watch Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. It was the ultimate treat for his baby sis, who was six years younger and thought of her older brother as the epitome of coolness, a Zack Morris type worthy of his own Saved By The Bell-esque show. For one afternoon, she felt like a guest character in that “cool kid” show. For one afternoon, she escaped the typical sparring sibling dynamic: her insisting that he let her skateboard with him and his friends or pleading that he play a video game with her, him sighing in frustration at the burden of an irksome younger sis, then calling her a “pioja” (translation: “lice”) or referring to her as “Pitufa” (translation: Smurfette) in order to get under her skin and force her to storm off, his tactic succeeding admirably but resulting in a huge blow-out, and then her waterworks prompting mom to give them both a scolding. For twenty years, the memory of that trip to the movies would stay stamped in the girl’s memory — the girl, of course being  me.

Perhaps it was the fact that my brother escorted me to the movie or that Belle was one of the first animated Disney princesses who was a brunette (Snow White notwithstanding) and hence I had a connection with her (spoiler alert: I’m not a natural blonde!), or maybe it was the contagiousness of songs like “Belle” and “Be Our Guest,” but I remember watching Beauty in the Beast and feeling positively giddy. For years, it has remained one of my favorite Disney films of all time.

When Disney released a live action version earlier this year, I feared that they’d ruin what I considered to be a masterpiece, but I was pleasantly surprised by the version — even if I was a little disappointed with the way Potter and Chip were reimagined. Given my love of makeup and my fondness for Belle and company, when LORAC Los Angeles unveiled its limited-edition Disney Beauty and the Beast collection, I was as giddy as the 10-year-old version of myself at that movie theater in San Juan.

The collection’s packaging is, in and of itself, the stuff that fairytales are made of: a golden cheek palette is illustrated with lush roses while an eyeshadow palette opens up like a classic book, its top lid featuring the words “Tale As Old As Time” in deep gold lettering and an illustration of a lush red rose. Similarly, the lipsticks come in reflective golden tubes, their clear caps adorned with golden illustrations of romantic rose blooms.

But as is the theme of this tale, it’s what’s inside that counts — and the treasures inside each palette and lipstick or lipgloss tube are positively swoon-worthy.

Below, you’ll find more details on the collection and swatches of the different products therein — everything you need to fall madly in love!




Think about the fact that, when we blush, it’s because of a surge in adrenaline that causes our blood vessels to dilate and results in our cheeks reddening. Hence in different situations that make our hearts pound and our stomachs flip — when we’re given a compliment, when we’re embarrassed, when we’re smitten, and so on — we tend to blush. Any courtship tale likely includes its fair share of moments that involve blushing, so a beautiful cheek palette was essential to this collection. The LORAC Disney Beauty and the Beast Cheek Palette ($28 at LORACcosmetics.com and Ulta stores) perfectly fits the storyline, with four shades that correlate to the fairy tale — all infused with anti-aging ingredients like pomegranate and açai extract and vitamins A, C, and E.

The shade Enchanted, for instance, is a dainty peachy pink that’s creates a sense of youthful innocence as epitomized by Belle when the audience first meets her. The Rose hue, meanwhile, is a guava pink hue with hints of gold that, again, conveys a sense of charm and natural beauty. Fearless, meanwhile, is a highlighter hue, a stunning gold color that seems to correlate to the regal embellishments inside Beast’s opulent castle. See Beyond, meanwhile, is another shimmering pink shade, one reminiscent of the inside of a conch shell.

this rose-inspired palette includes four new and exclusive shades of our Color Source Buildable Blushes and Light Source Illuminating Highlighters.

Below, check out swatches of all four shades:



Next, take a closer look at Fearless and See Beyond:


And now you can check out Rose and Enchanted:


The colors all feel lovely on the skin and I’m smitten with them all — except perhaps with Enchanted since I find it a bit chalky.  Rose and See Beyond, however, are both dreamy, and the Fearless shade looks fantastic on bronzed skin. I also love blending Fearless and See Beyond since the result is so very striking and unique.




Every love story involves a passionate kiss, one that makes the world shift out of focus, that makes the noise fade to a faint whisper. And what better to make lips appear enticing and kissable than a touch of lipstick? The LORAC Disney Beauty and the Beast Lipstick Collection ($36 at LORACcosmetics.com and Ulta stores) contains five shades of the brand’s medium coverage MOD lipstick, all of which feel really creamy and comfortable on the lips.

Below, check out swatches of Belle-Ieve, a tawny mauve huel Red Rose, a passionate blue-based red; and True Beauty, a dainty pink with an antique-feeling quality.



Next, check out swatches of Tres Chic, a walnut brown hue, and Savoir Faire, a perky nectarine hue.




Out of all these shades, I found Red Rose and Savoir Faire most flattering on my complexion, and I loved the way they felt on the lips — creamy and indulgent, but not too heavy. That said, I don’t find the Tres Chic shade alluring in any way, but perhaps some girl will rock it and prove to me that it is, in fact, very chic.



If you prefer the mirror-like shine of a gloss to the more subtle sheen of a lipstick and you want to just add a touch of color to your lips, you can simply brush on one of the shades in the LORAC Disney Beauty and the Beast Lip Gloss Collection ($34 at LORACcosmetics.com and Ulta stores). The glosses correspond with the shades in the lipstick collection, so you can also apply one atop the matching creamy shade to give it greater shine.
Below, you’ll find swatches of True Beauty, Red Rose, and Belle-ieve:



As you can see, the colors have a direct correlation to the lipsticks though I must say the Belle-ieve gloss is the only shade that deviates from the lipstick-to-gloss highway, as it’s more of a ripe peach shade than it is a tawny mauve.

Next, you’ll find watches of the Tres Chic and Savoir Faire glosses:



In this case, Tres Chic is a considerably lighter shade of brown than its lipstick iteration. It’s not a shade that I’d personally ever wear since it would make me look like my lips were covered in hot chocolate, but perhaps when layered atop a nude hue it can create the right effect.


lorac-beauty-and-the-beast-eyeshadow-palette lorac-beauty-and-the-beast-eyeshadow-book-open lorac-beauty-and-the-beast-eyeshadow-palette-open

The LORAC Disney Beauty and the Beast PRO Eyeshadow Palette ($48 at LORACcosmetics.com and Ulta stores) is, without a doubt, the collection’s masterpiece — which makes sense given the adage that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” The palette opens like a fairy tale tome of yore, with one side featuring a mirror inset into the cardboard surface, its perimeter illustrated to resemble a baroque hand mirror like the one Belle used in the film to check in on her father from inside Beast’s castle (and, later, to prove Beast’s existence to those who questioned her father’s story and labeled him insane). Adjacent to the mirror, meanwhile, are 16 eye shadow shades with adorable names that touch upon different movie themes (“Tick Tock” to suggest the constant passing of the time and the pressing need for Beast to find love before the last rose petal falls in order to break the spell; “Chip In,” a cheeky reference to Mr. Potts’ son, the cute boy who was transformed into a porcelain cup; “Our Guest,” a nod to the famous song about hospitality performed by Lumiere; and so on).

Since this is a colorful fairy tale-themed palette, there are plenty of charming pink shades and gilded shades that speak to the castle’s opulence, but there are also some colors that are very specific to the film: “Beast Mode” for instance, is an indigo blue shade with scattered pearls that’s reminiscent of the coat Beast wore when dancing with Belle in the ballroom.”Time Keeper,” similarly nods to Cogsworth’s antique bronze color.”Dream It,” meanwhile, could refer to that moment when the spell is broken and the once-dreary kingdom becomes a wintry wonderland.

Below, check out the shades Real You, a dreamy, lavender-toned, peony pink with a satin finish that’s saturated with tonal shimmer; Tick Tock, a grayish plum hue with a soft, dusty matte finish; Tea Time, a satin ivory hue with an even sheen; and Inner Beauty, a matte lavender-toned pink.



Next, check out My Castle, a baroque golden hue; Chip In, a matte ecru color; Romance, a reddish cocoa hue with a matte finish; and Spell Breaker, a deep espresso brown with scattered shift pearls.



Next, we have Look Beyond, a matte camel tone; Swept Up, a matte charcoal color with specks of clear glitter; Enchanting, a satin creme brûlée hue; and Beast Mode, a deep indigo with a touch of turquoise shimmer.



Last but not least, we have Impress, a grayish fig hue; Our Guest, a pigeon grey; Time Keeper, and antique bronze with an all-over sheen and slightly greenish undertones; and Dream It, a pearlescent white that looks like fresh, glistening snow.



Are you ready to say Bonjour to this belle collection?


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