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Fun and Creative Holiday Gift Ideas — As Seen On CBS Austin’s “We Are Austin”



Thanksgiving is just days away, which means most of us are not only planning our menus but also finishing up our shopping lists. If you’re looking for some fun gift ideas, look no further — in today’s “We Are Austin” segment, I showcased everything from jewelry to bath bombs, scented candles, a wine subscription service, and a must-have kitchen appliance. Check out the segment above (or click here) and read on for more details on the items showcased!




Shining bright like a diamond is an easy proposition when you count on Spence Diamonds, which is the only diamond retailer that offers both mined diamonds and Artisan Created Diamonds, which are hand-crafted in an ethically responsible and environmentally conscious manner and which, aesthetically speaking, are virtually indistinguishable from mined diamonds.

In today’s segment, I showcased two pieces from Spence Diamonds’ Boho Collection, which is inspired by the wonders of nature. The sterling silver Small Feather Earrings feature two center-set Artisan Created Diamonds (one on each individual earring), and they’re available for $99 at Spence Diamonds in the Domain here in Austin and online at SpenceDiamonds.com. The sterling silver necklace, meanwhile, features a medium-sized Earth charm featuring three center-set Artisan Created Diamonds, and it’s also available for $99 at SpenceDiamonds.com.




This new gift set from Fragrant Jewels is pretty purr-fect. The Fragrant Jewels Hello Kitty Candle & Bath Bomb Gift Set ($42.95 at FragrantJewels.com) features a carnation pink candle made of coconut wax and encased in a Hello Kitty-themed glass jar with plenty of colorful plush bows, as well as a pink bath bomb shaped like Hello Kitty’s head and featuring rose gold mica particles in the character’s signature bow for a bit of sparkle.

Both of the products have a lively and slightly tropical fruity floral fragrance, with hints of guava, cassis, gardenia, frangipani, coconut milk, and ginger blossom. The bright pink Bath Bomb not only fizzes quickly in the tub to reveal frothy pink and, later, purple swirls, but it also contains sweet almond oil, avocado oil, shea butter, and exfoliating Dead Sea salt to pamper the skin and leave it smooth, hydrated, and glowing. But the best part about these items is that they have a built-in element of surprise: as the bath bomb dissolves and the candle melts, you’ll eventually discover a hidden treasure within each one: an adorable ring with red cubic zirconias. The ring is encased in a plastic sphere and, alongside it, there’s a label with a code that gives you a chance to win another ring valued up to $10,000. All you have to do is visit FragrantJewels.com and type in the code for a chance to win another bauble!



There’s no such thing as too much pampering, so a candle and bath bomb set are always a great gift — especially when they smell as good as those in theFragrant Jewels Warm and Cozy Gift Set ($39.95 at FragrantJewels.com). The violet-colored candle not only has a striking hue, but it boasts an enticing and inviting scent that blends together plum, amber, lotus blossom, rose, French lavender, sandalwood, musk, and mahogany. The equally colorful bath bomb, meanwhile, contains avocado oil and shea butter to give skin a dose of extra moisture during the harsh winter months. And, as with all Fragrant Jewels products, each of these contains a special treasure: a dainty ring, along with a code that gives you the chance to win a second ring worth up to $10,000.





Have you ever stumbled upon a gift set — maybe a bath and body collection with lotions, candles, and body oils; a coffee-themed present with different flavored grounds and mugs; or a cheese and crackers box — and thought it would be perfect for someone if only you could change a single item’s color, flavor, or scent? Well, that’s where Knack comes in! This modern gifting company provides customers with the tools to curate bespoke gift boxes that specifically address the interests, personalities, and lifestyles of the recipients. Shoppers can log onto KnackShops.com and browse through a series of customizable gift set options, then add or remove items as desired. Truly creative sorts, meanwhile, can ditch the blueprint altogether and build their own gift boxes from scratch, selecting items from different artisans and combining them to create the ultimate personalized present. There are options for coffee lovers, bibliophiles, wine enthusiasts, grill masters, outdoor adventurers, and much more.

On the segment, I showcased a customized version of the Family Sundae Night Gift Set. The set I showcased featured: three 8-ounce, ceramic ice cream cones by Fishs Eddys in a Neapolitan color scheme (one pink for Strawberry, one brown for Chocolate, and one cream for Vanilla): a Tovolo Tilt-Up Ice Cream Scoop; two tasty, organic, and gluten-free toppings from Hot Cakes (a Dark Chocolate Sauce and a Sea Salt Caramel Sauce; and a three-dimensional Tic Tac Toe Game by Bright Beam Goods, an Austin-based merchant.

To create a similar set, log onto KnackShops.com and pick the Everything But The Ice Cream boxed set ($33 at KnackShops.com), then add the Tovolo Ice Cream Scoop for $12, the Hot Cakes Sea Salt Caramel Sauce for $10, and the Bright Beams Tic Tac Toe Game for $20.




For the first time in over 20 years, Americans are drinking more bottled water than soda. And sparkling water, in particular, is having a moment: between 2009 and 2014, the amount of carbonated water sold in the US increased by 56%. In the years since then, sparkling water has only grown in popularity — after all, it has the same fizzy bubbles that soda lovers cherish, you can add fun flavors to it, and you can even create delicious fruit-infused beverages, but it’s considerably healthier than any sweetened soft drink.

Those who love sparkling water, then, will swoon over the SodaStream Aqua Fizz ($179.99 at SodaStreamUSA.com). The machine comes with two reusable 620ml glass carafes and a C02 carbonator that carbonates up to 60 liters of fresh sparkling water, plus it requires no electricity — yes, you heard correctly: no electricity!

With the AquaFizz, sparkling water lovers can get their fix — all while saving money and helping the environment by ditching the plastic bottles and scaling back on power usage.




Wine enthusiasts, foodies, and folks who love to entertain will appreciate a subscription to the recently-launched HelloFresh Wine club.

With this convenient service, subscribers receive six full-size bottles of wine delivered right to their door every single month, and they can choose between red white, or mixed cases of wine depending on their preference. With HelloFresh’s diverse selection of wines — all sourced directly from vineyards all over the world — subscribers will continuously be introduced to new flavor profiles. And, as wine club members, they’ll also have access to pairing suggestions online, so they can get inspired before their next dinner party or romantic meal

The subscription service is $89/month at HelloFresh.com/wine. It auto-renews every month, and you can cancel at any time.





You can help loved-ones embrace a more positive attitude and enjoy greater peace of mind with the Twig + Petal Good Vibes Kit ($89 at Twig-Petal.com), which features 6 essential oil blends — Awakening, Positivity, Gratitude, Om, Meditation, and Inner Peace — that allow you to harness the powers of aromatherapy.

The Awakening Blend, for instance, features 100% organic orange, lemon, and lime essential oils to lift your mood and add some pep to your step. The Meditation blend, meanwhile, combines grapefruit, lemongrass, spearmint, peppermint, frankincense, and pine oils to clear the mind and encourage mindfulness. The Gratitude blend is one of my faves, combining 100% organic mandarin, Elemi resin, vanilla, and  jasmine notes.

Each oil can be applied directly to a specific area of the body (for instance, the Awakening blend can be applied to the neck and chest, while the Inner Peace blend can be applied to the bottom of the feet and the back of the neck) or you can add 10 drops to your bathwater for a relaxing soak.




If you’re anything like me, you can’t even concentrate — much less unwind! — when there are loads of laundry to wash, dirty dishes in the sink, and crumbs on the kitchen countertop and living room table. If you know a neat freak who, like me, believes a clean place makes for a happy space, then the ECOS Holiday Hostess Gift Set ($23.95; available at ECOS.com starting tomorrow) is the ideal gift.

Designed to help friends and family create a cleaner, safer, healthier household, the kit contains four plant-powered cleansers — all packaged in a box designed to resemble a festive holiday home, replete with seasonal adornments like wreaths, red bows, colorful string lights. The kit contains full-size bottles of the: Dishmate Dish Soap in Grapefruit, Laundry Detergent in Magnolia & Lily, Parsley Plus All-Purpose Cleanser, and Hand Soap in Lavender.

As with all ECOS products, which can be found at Whole Foods stores as well as at retailers like Target and Walmart, these products are made with plant-powered ingredients and contain no dyes, parabens, phosphates or phthalates, plus they’re EPA certified for safety and effectiveness.

My favorite product in the kit is the Parsley All-Purpose Cleanser since it makes my kitchen smell like a fresh garden all year long!


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