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How To Look Like Your Most Glamorous Self This Holiday Season — As Seen On CBS Austin’s “We Are Austin”




From New Year’s Eve bashes to office holiday parties and family get-togethers, ’tis the season to be jolly — and to look like a million bucks while decking the halls and rockin’ around the Christmas tree.  And, with the TV Critics Awards and the Golden Globes approaching in January of 2018, it’s the perfect time to tap into our own inner Hollywood starlet and learn some beauty tricks that will help us exude glamour and poise. I stopped by CBS Austin’s “We Are Austin” this morning to offer some beauty tips on how to enjoy your own red carpet-worthy moment, so make sure to check out the two-part segment. You can view the embedded segment videos above or click here for Part 1 and click here for Part 2.

Below, learn more about all the products seen on the show — from a breakthrough haircare brand to an oil-absorbing and makeup-refreshing translucent compact. Read on!





Veronica Lake’s glamorous waves. Farrah Fawcett’s feathered hairstyle. Twiggy’s pixie cut. These hairstyles are cemented in our collective memory because they captured the ethos of an era but, moreover, because they wowed us. After all, you’re never fully dressed without great hair — it’s the crown forever placed atop your head. Needless to say, just like queens need to keep their crowns polished, fabulous femmes need to tend to their strands.

To restore damaged strands to a healthy state, I recommend using the Virtue Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner ($38 and $40 respectively; available at VirtueLabs.com and at Mirror Mirror Salon and Blonde Faith Salon in Austin, TX). Like all Virtue products, these contain  Alpha Keratin 60ku, a patented form of keratin derived from human hair — not animal byproducts (sadly, some keratin-based haircare products incorporate keratin derived from horse hooves!). Sure, you’ve heard about keratin in haircare before, so what’s special about Alpha Keratin 60ku in particular? Well, as mentioned, this protein was derived from human hair and is hence virtually identical to the keratin naturally found in hair. Because it’s compatible with human hair, our strands readily accept this protein, allowing it to fill any gaps along the hair cuticle and to target any underlying damage.  In addition to Alpha Keratin 60ku, the Virtue Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner feature such ingredients as: hydrolyzed quinoa, a natural humectant; baobab seed oil, which is known for its ability to retain moisture; and grapefruit extract, which is rife with vitamin C and antioxidants.


Next, when you’re ready to create your masterful hairstyle, make sure to reach for the Virtue One For All 6-in-1 Styler ($36; available at VirtueLabs.com and at Mirror Mirror Salon and Blonde Faith Salon in Austin, TX), which offers heat protection while also strengthening strands and adding softness, shine, and shape. 





btl-vanquish-me-graph btl-vanquish-me-marketing-image

Do you find dresses with side cut-outs intimidating? Are you tired of squeezing into tight bodysuits and corsets in order to cinch your waist while donning figure-hugging dresses? Well, don’t despair. Most women have a few areas along the abdominal region that give them pause — even those of us who eat well and work out regularly. In truth, few women IRL can flaunt abs that rival those of Shakira and Britney Spears. The good news is we now have a simple and painless way to get rid of those muffin tops, love handles, and spare tires. It’s the BTL Vanquish ME, a non-invasive, confidence-boosting, fat reduction treatment from the Body by BTL portfolio that targets the abdominal area and the flanks simultaneously.

Using selective radiofrequency technology, BTL Vanquish ME heats up fat cells, destroying them permanently — all while you lay back under a contact-less device. Because the device never actually touches the skin, each treatment is relaxing and painless — in fact, many compare the sensation to that of a warm stone massage!

Each treatment takes just 45 minutes, and there’s no downtime, so you can go about your day as soon as you leave the doctor’s office. If you undergo 4 weekly treatments over the course of a month, you’ll reduce your waist size by 2 to 4 inches (with 2 being the average).

Each treatment costs $500-750, and you can visit BTLaesthetics.us to find a local dermatologist.





Highlighting creams and powders are lovely, but to achieve a J.Lo glow, you need to start with radiance-boosting skincare products. All-natural skincare brand OSEA, which is based out of Malibu, California, offers three standout products that will leave your complexion looking dewy and stunning.

A groundbreaking new product is the OSEA Vitamin C Probiotic Face Polish ($108 at milk + honey spa locations in Austin and online at OSEAmalibu.com), a powdered exfoliant that features bamboo and rice powders to gently polish off dead surface skin cells and reveal a brighter complexion. But what makes this cleanser so special is that it combines vitamin C and vegan probiotics, with the latter remaining dormant until they come in contact with water, at which point they wake up and get to work. By restoring a healthy balance of flora to our complexions, strengthening the skin’s immune system, and boosting collagen and elastin production, the combination of vitamin C and vegan probiotics is as effective in combatting dullness as Batman and Robin are at fighting crime.

Another  treatment to get you glowing is the OSEA White Algae Mask ($48 at milk + honey spa locations in Austin and online at OSEAmalibu.com), which you can use twice weekly for 10-20 minutes. The mask contains white marine algae, white tea extract, Japanese apricot extract, and resveratrol to illuminate the complexion, as well as  mineral peptides derived from zinc, manganese and copper that firm the skin.

And for an instant lit-from-within glow, I love the OSEA Brightening Serum ($60 at milk + honey spa locations in Austin and online at OSEAmalibu.com), a lightweight and non-greasy serum that features vitamin C, red algae, and ferulic acid to boost skin’s radiance while mushroom extract and bearberry leaf extract help to diminish the appearance of dark spots and yield a more even skin tone.



note-cosmetics-eyeshadow-pencil-pearl-beige note-cosmetics-ultra-rich-color-lip-pencil-cherry


Whether you’re going for a metallic eye look or a deep aubergine pout, NOTE Cosmetics has everything you need to create a show-stopping makeup look. All of the brand’s products retail for under $20, and they’re all vegan, paraben-free d infused with hydrating and soothing botanicals and vitamins.

If you have oily skin, you can invest in the NOTE Cosmetics Mattifying Foundation ($15.99 at Ulta.com). If you want a smoldering smokey eye look, pick up the Smokey Eye Pencil ($8.99 at Ulta.com), which features a waterproof formula and has a built-in smudging applicator on one end, and the Ultra Volume Mascara ($9.99 at Ulta.com), which contains lash-nourishing sweet almond oil and vitamin E. For lips that will beckon to be kissed at the strike of midnight on New Year’s Eve, apply the NOTE Cosmetics Long Wearing Lipstick ($9.99 at Ulta.com), which contains moisturizing shea butter and macadamia oil to keep your pout smooth and soft.

The list of amazing cosmetics goes on, but I’m personally smitten with the Terracotta Powder in 01 Stardust ($17.99 at Ulta.com), a gorgeous highlighting powder that can be applied wet or dry and which contains moisturizing macadamia oil, gliding atop skin like silk. I also love the Pearl Beige Eyeshadow Pencil ( $8.99 at Ulta.com) since it’s easy to apply, has a lovely sheen, and lasts all night long. Also, you can actually use this particular shade as a highlighter, applying it under the arches of your brows, down the ridge of your nose, in your cupid’s bow, and on your cheekbones to accentuate these features. Talk about a multi-tasking product!




Imagine a foundation that’s delightfully lightweight but can conceal everything from vitiligo to scars, burns, bruises, acne marks, and dark spots. Does that sound like a pink unicorn? Well, it isn’t! Barcelona-based brand ISDIN, the No. 1 dermatological brand in Spain, accomplished this seemingly impossible feat when it formulated its ISDINCEUTICS Skin Drops. It’s the first liquid makeup in dropper form that lasts up to 12 hours, and it provides adaptive coverage, so that each shade will work on a multitude of tones. The ISDIN ISDINCEUTICS Skin Drops ($52 at select dermatologist offices and at ISDIN.com) come in three shades: Sand, Bronze, and a brand new Caramel color. The drops can be used individually or they can be blended together in order to create the perfect match for your skin tone.

As for how to use these, there are two great options: the first is to apply the drops directly to the face and blend the color using a brush or your fingertips, while the second involves mixing a few drops with a face cream in order to create a tinted moisturizer. One great option, then, is adding a few Skin Drops to the new ISDIN ISDINCEUTICS Age Contour Cream ($100 at select dermatologist offices and at ISDIN.com), which is designed to correct such visible aging signs as jawline sagging, to reduce the formation of A.G.E.s (Advanced Glycation End Products) that lead to a decrease in elasticity and to the appearance of wrinkles, and which to protect the skin against the harmful effects of pollution. By mixing the Skin Drops with the Age Contour Cream, you get to enjoy anti-aging benefits and superb coverage.



If you want your skin to look amazing for a major event, put your trust in the Murad Hydro-Glow Aqua Peel ($48 for set of 4; available at Murad.com). The first step in this dual-phase system is the Retexturizing Swab, an oversize swab pre-soaked with glycolic and lactic acids as well as soothing botanicals, that you smooth over your skin so as to gently exfoliate it and reveal a brighter complexion. The second step is the Moisture Infusion Mask, a sheet mask containing hyaluronic acid that you can leave on for 15-20 minutes. After each treatment, your skin will experience a 400% boost in hydration, leaving it looking plumper, bouncier, smoother, and more radiant.







If you’re worried about sweating your makeup off or about your T-zone becoming oily as your holiday party rages on, try using the Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield SPF 30 ($65 at Murad.com) as a makeup primer. The formula goes on completely clear, and it provides SPF protection, while mattifying the skin, reducing pore size, and blurring any imperfections thanks to a Soft Focus Complex — all while creating a smooth surface for makeup application.

Throughout your big bash, meanwhile, keep the MattEffect Blotting Perfector ($39 at Murad.com) handy so you can refresh your makeup as needed. This skincare cushion compact has a translucent liquid blotting formula that absorbs excess oil so that your complexion stays matte all day and all night. And, unlike blotting papers, which can pick up some of your  foundation, blush, and powder, this cushion compact won’t disturb your makeup.






Ever notice how pimples tend to pop up at the most inconvenient times? Whether it’s right before a wedding, graduation, romantic date, or get-together, acne has a way of crashing the party  — and not in that adorable Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn way!

If you don’t want acne to rain on your holiday parade, try using the MD Complete Acne Clearing System, which delivers dermatologist-level without the need for a prescription or the cost associated with these treatments.

You can purchase the complete Acne Clearing System ($49.99 at MDComplete.com), which contains a 60-day supply of the a 3-step acne clearing skincare system, plus five vials of an oral probiotic dietary supplement, or you can buy each of the products in the kit individually.

The MD Complete Skin Clearing Clarifying Cleanser ($14.99 at MDComplete.com) contains salicylic acid to unclog pores and eliminate acne-causing bacteria, as well as soothing botanicals like green tea, ginseng, and gingko biloba extracts. The second-step in the acne-fighting regimen involves the Skin Clearing Breakout Treatment ($19.99 at MDComplete.com), which can be used as a full-face treatment or a targeted spot treatment and which features benzoyl peroxide but doesn’t cause any irritation or flakiness thanks to soothing chamomile extract and camellia seed oil, as well as vitamin E-packed mugwort extract. The final step in the regimen involves the Skin Clearing Citrus-C Healthy Complexion ($24.99 at MDComplete.com), a moisturizing serum infused with retinol and vitamin C to fade post-acne marks.

In order to address both the internal and external factors that lead to breakouts, the system also includes the Healthy Skin Probiotic ($29.99 at MDComplete.com), a dietary supplement that combines a prebiotic, probiotic, and vitamin B to restore the balance of good bacteria in the belly — and, in the process keep acne at bay.




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