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When I launched Sicka Than Average, I hoped to create, nurture, and develop a place where readers with eclectic tastes could find information about all the products (from fashion to beauty to books and DVDS) that appealed to their personal tastes. While I occasionally mention a celebrity or model who has been spotted wearing a particular outfit or accessory, I try to steer away from this type of content and, instead, keep the site product-driven because I want YOU, the readers, to decide whether an item is fashionable and whether it fits in with your personal style. Why? Because I want YOU to set the trends. I want to foster the leader and the tastemaker inside every single one of you. When I review a beauty product, then, I do so to share my viewpoint, with the hopes that all of you understand that it is precisely that: a singular opinion by someone who is passionate about beauty and fashion. It’s never been my desire to dictate anything to you or to be an arbitror of coolness. What I do wish to accomplish is to bring you detailed information on a wide range of products that suit many different tastes and price points and to share my opinions with you. If I can entertain, educate, or in any way pique your interest, I feel satisfied.

Now, in order to properly cover the products featured on Sicka Than Average (from books to fragrances, cosmetics, skincare and hair care products, DVDs, and more), I often receive samples from Public Relations firms and departments. Any samples sent to me are submitted for editorial consideration alone. This is a standard practice in print media that has now carried on to new media ventures, which is to be expected since journalism as a whole is changing dramatically. Now, I ALWAYS write exactly what I think about a product, be it positive or negative, I do not allow anyone to dictate the type of content featured on Sicka Than Average so, if I receive a sample for coverage, that doesn’t mean it will automatically be reviewed in a positive light (nor does it mean I’m in any way obliged to this company). The sample is simply a tool for me to provide more in-depth, accurate, useful content. After all, writing about an item based on the information issued in a press release is akin to running the very advertisement for said product — and I won’t stand for that, precisely because I insist on maintaining an honest rapport with readers. I am not employed by any of these companies nor do I receive any financial compensation from them, so you can rest assured that I never have an “angle” when writing about a brand or product.

Something else for you to consider (and this is particularly pertinent to any beauty coverage on the site): I am not a scientist, dermatologist, nutritionist, or any other medical or scientific professional. When I recount an experience with a product, then, I’m simply sharing a personal account. I can’t guarantee that that very product will have precisely the same effect on every single reader, nor can I assure you that its ingredients really do accomplish what they promise they will. The most I can do is provide you with the most up-to-date information regarding scientific technologies and research, popular ingredients, and test results, as well as share my own experiences — and that’s what I strive to do.

So, there you have it folks: this is me keeping it 100% with you, making sure there’s no room for confusion, and hoping you continue to be a part of the Sicka Than Average movement!